Christmas is coming

Tomorrow is December 1st... time to get ready for the Christmas Season.

I've finished my shopping.
Packages in the mail.
Put up the house lights today.
Posted a new blog header.

I took some Christmas wrap and put it on the wall for the background.
Nothing I did could get the light glare off the wall, (it's from my dining
room chandelier) the best spot in the house with a bright light.

After taking several photos, each with an assortment of Christmas decorations saved  from years past, I decided less is more... I did get a Christmas card with a Snoopie dog.  I cut away the greeting leaving just Snoopie playing the piano.
My thoughts were "Snoopie looking up at the tree", might add a bit of fun
What was funny, over the years I saw Snoopie everywhere at Christmas time but because I needed one.. took me 4 stores to find the card with the perfect image.

My family will be scattered around the world for Christmas and it's just me and the man for the holiday so I decided to forgo putting up the large tree this year.. I did decorate the house, both inside and out. 
My sister felt bad for me not having a tree,, I said to her "I want a Charley Brown tree"...
She bought me one and it will grace my coffee table this year.

ok everyone, I'm ready for the Holidays!
Let the games begin!