Change in the Air

I had quite a busy day today.   
I gave in and hired a man to come install my recessed  lights in the kitchen.
I'm tired and the thought of trying to pull electrical wires under the
ceiling did not appeal to me.. I'm good but not that good!

I think I've had these little lights sitting in the bag for several months and
finally I've had them installed.  Only trouble is, "Now I want a few more"
One more in the kitchen and 6 in the dining room.  I'm going
to remove the chandelier and go for the 'Clean look'!

So far I'm really happy with the look.  The new lights were put on a dimmer switch  and it's perfect lightening...
Next step "Smooth the ceiling" and that part of the "Ever on going Reno" is DONE!   Then to finish the wallpaper.

While the electrical guy was working on the lights, I was taking out the carpeting on the stairs.
This will be another post because it may take me a week to get this project finished.  It's not as easy as I predicted.  
So until then!

I've got a million little carpet tacks to remove. Measure each stair step for the new plywood to be cut.  Then paint!  (What color?  What else, White!
 I'll be back... More than likely bruised and sore,  but I'll be back!

Until then I may not leave the house... might just get my hair done and sit in a chair mostly.  Maybe a mani....  but then that may get ruined next week.. Ok, no manicure! 

"Happy Super Bowl Weekend"



Sending the Sun....

I'm sending the  "Sunshine" to all of you up North today...
I know how much you must want and need the warm weather...

Sending this up especially to my bloggie friend  
Jackie @ "Grannys Place"
She and her hubby have been housebound for several days now!

Wishing the ice and snow melts really fast... 
Take care all!




concrete floor

Now that I have the 'fireplace wall unit   finished it was time to pull the old carpeting.   I was up early and got to it with my really sharp paring knife... it was really easy to cut and I was so ready to put it out in the trash!

Good bye ugly carpeting!

The one thing that was the most work was pulling the side wood that has all the nails in it, to hold the carpet along the wall board.  My poor hands are sore from building the wall unit, now I had to pull this.  It had so many nails holding it to the concrete.  Later  I will have to patch the holes before I can paint it.  

What a mess it was!  But I was in luck, Mr. N came home and gave me a hand. He pulled and I cleaned as he went along.  
While I was cleaning the dust and pulling nails I thought of all the people up in the North today, stuck in the snow and cold weather.  It's hot here today, well hotter than it's been for months.. in the 70's.   Just know, "I'm thinking of you all and wish your safe and warm"!

I spent the better part of 5 hours pulling nails and cleaning the dusty floor.. it was so dirty and my vacuum  kept getting clogged with the dust. Time to bring out the mop.  It was so much easier to get the drywall dust cleaned away.
This carpet was laid on such a large amount of white drywall dust.. wonder if all new homes are the same?   Like the contractors do not clean the concrete before the carpets are installed.. it was nasty!   I so hate wall to wall carpet!  Especially for the Mr.  who  has asthma and suffers from it!  We were lucky, the living room was the only room to have such carpet.
I'm happy to say the concrete floor is smooth and no need to sand or level any spots.  Now to make the decision as what color to paint it?

The "Ikea"  truck came today and delivered my new sofa.. (Faux Pottery Barn) and me and the Mr. put it together.. so easy!  Then we laid out the new extra large throw carpet I also got at "Ikea"  Put the sofa in place and tried to make the "What Color" to paint the concrete decision?

Notice Mr N's feet in the above photo,  he had enough of me  and said loudly,  "No more work for me today"!

I have no idea what color to paint the concrete?   I laid a shelf from my birds stand next to the tile that runs throughout my entire downstairs.  It's a tan color, I thought this might be right?  Then my neighbor came over and told me "Grey"... look at the color of the concrete, why not paint it Grey?  Mr. N.  said, "White".. hmmmm?  No, that is not right either!
 Then I got a call from my daughter in Palm Beach and she also said, "Grey". We will see tomorrow?

I'm so undecided on the color!   Please, anyone who has a suggestion for the color of the concrete floor, leave a comment.  The above photo shows my terracotta tile and the new   throw rug that will lay on the concrete! 
Tomorrow I'm off to the "Home Depot" to make the choice for paint color .. might just bring home a few samples?   
My brain is tired tonight and I just don't want to make a decision....decisions, decisions?

To be continued........

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Crochet Tablecloth

For almost a year now my daughter has been looking for a tablecloth, any kind of table cloth, but one that fit on her triangle glass table.  She has been using sheets that were not very fashionable.  She told me she was on the internet looking for one as she does not have the stores we here in the States have.. I laughed and told her "We here in the States can't find a triangle table cloth either"!
She asked me "If I would make her one"  I did not have access to the table to know the size... "Well", she said, "It is 65" from one tip to another, as if that would help me, but I gave it a try!

We talked about making the cloth with fabric, one she could wash and not worry about stains.  Then I went on a fabric search.. sure there are lots of cotton/linen that could be used but none wide enough to make a table cloth without seams... 

"Crochet", that would be perfect.  I could start it with a teeny triangle and continue from there.  I love to crochet and this one was done without a pattern.. I just went round and round.  Once it was large enough I laid it on the floor and measured from one tip to another to get the 65" she needed.  Then I added another 11" to be sure of a over hang.

The only problem for me, it was not getting large enough, fast enough.  It took me for what seemed like forever to complete.. I did not clock my time but I think it was about a months worth of sittings each night. Was good for my spare time.  I also have no idea how many balls of thread I used but I was thrifty and only bought a ball when I had my 40% off coupon from JoAnns. Can't tell you how many times I went into that store for more balls... Also, I didn't count how many balls I bought, did not want to scare myself with the cost of this tablecloth.  It was for my baby girl after all!

Gina has her table cloth now and sent photos of it on her table.
I want it back to add more rows.  Seems a bit short to me, but she is happy with it.
I still have the crochet tablecloth my Mom made me many years ago and I'm hoping Gina will enjoy it as much as I did mine.

Look how nice it is on her table.  

She told me "Now I can have people over without putting on a Sheet"!
But then, she said, "Everyone uses sheets because they can't find tablecloths"
The commissary only sells small rectangle cloths and no one likes them.

My daughter likes to keep me busy. (She has three baby boys)  See the sectional sofa in the background of the above photo.  She asked me if I can help her make 'slip covers' for it.
Long distance slip covers. I'm in Florida, she is in Guam.  
"I'll send you the measurements", she said!
Silly girl!

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Picture Perfect

There are not too may days in the year that we can say the weather is
"Picture Perfect"
If only I could offer you a 'Scratch and Sniff' or add a photo of "The warmth of the sunshine"...

 I made a pact with myself.. If I get my, "oh so lazy self outside and do a bit of yard work", I would allow myself the afternoon off ( haha)  To sit and watch all the programs and movies I have taped on  DVR!! 

I used this day to transplant some bulbs that were hiding under a large tree in the front yard.. I dug them all out and carried them to the back of my yard.. then I found my Bromeliads in bloom, peaking out from under all the dried leaves.

My yard is pretty large and these flowers were to be seen by no one.. so I picked them to go into the house, for my own pleasure.

No, this is not a sign of an early Spring.  In South Florida  Bromeliads grow all year. These few were a welcome sign, after the cold we have had these past few months.
I'm glad I got out there today.  Did so much more than I expected to do. Even got down by the creek and clipped a lot of vines that take over our trees.  They call them "Potato Vines" and they are deadly.  Rumor has it the Japanese brought them over to our area and planted them for food.  I see maybe thousands of those little potatoes all around.  Too many to pull from the ground each year so we simply cut down the vines before they take over. No, I have never tried to eat the potatoes.. the are round, and have many eyes in them? When I find them I toss them into the creek.

 These little beauties are now sitting on my kitchen counter!
Today it reached 68' and perfect to work in the garden.  
As I said, I did more than I expected and now am tired, feet up and feeling "Oh so happy"

I know many people Up North are suffering through cold winter weather so I do hope my bit of sunshine helps you smile.

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