Picture Perfect

There are not too may days in the year that we can say the weather is
"Picture Perfect"
If only I could offer you a 'Scratch and Sniff' or add a photo of "The warmth of the sunshine"...

 I made a pact with myself.. If I get my, "oh so lazy self outside and do a bit of yard work", I would allow myself the afternoon off ( haha)  To sit and watch all the programs and movies I have taped on  DVR!! 

I used this day to transplant some bulbs that were hiding under a large tree in the front yard.. I dug them all out and carried them to the back of my yard.. then I found my Bromeliads in bloom, peaking out from under all the dried leaves.

My yard is pretty large and these flowers were to be seen by no one.. so I picked them to go into the house, for my own pleasure.

No, this is not a sign of an early Spring.  In South Florida  Bromeliads grow all year. These few were a welcome sign, after the cold we have had these past few months.
I'm glad I got out there today.  Did so much more than I expected to do. Even got down by the creek and clipped a lot of vines that take over our trees.  They call them "Potato Vines" and they are deadly.  Rumor has it the Japanese brought them over to our area and planted them for food.  I see maybe thousands of those little potatoes all around.  Too many to pull from the ground each year so we simply cut down the vines before they take over. No, I have never tried to eat the potatoes.. the are round, and have many eyes in them? When I find them I toss them into the creek.

 These little beauties are now sitting on my kitchen counter!
Today it reached 68' and perfect to work in the garden.  
As I said, I did more than I expected and now am tired, feet up and feeling "Oh so happy"

I know many people Up North are suffering through cold winter weather so I do hope my bit of sunshine helps you smile.

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Granny said...

I love the bromelaids. So pretty. It made it all the way up to 36ยบ today. No yard work here yet.

Sue said...

Sandy, I am so envious of your weather right now! Wow, I would be in heaven. It hit a high of 34 today. My hands are still cold after coming in from grocery shopping an hour ago. brrr....
What a pretty color of bromeliad you are growing. I think that actually might be one kind of plant I could grow with my brown thumb. :-)
Can you believe these people that munch on food they steal from stores? I am amazed that they see nothing wrong with this sort of behavior! Thanks for stopping by.
~ Sue

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

These remind me of my father. He had some in his yard.

It warmed up nicely yesterday but the clouds were back today. Brought with it sinus pressure for me. I'm ready for some clear skies again!

Pondside said...

Oooh, wouldn't I love some sunshine and warmth right about now! Those flowers are beautiful - amazing to think of them growing year 'round.

Florrie said...

I'd love to be able to get out into the garden but the weather has returned to icy cold frost conditions once again.

You deserve a nice rest after all that hard work......spoil yourself.

Because of problems with someone who reads my blog I've had to change my url address.

Hope you still visit,
florrie x

Darla said...

Nice...we have been a little warmer here in Tally.....kind of gray with some sprinkles of rain today.

Tootsie said...


Kate said...

Beautiful bromeliads!

LV said...

After today's weather, I can hardly wait till spring. I do not like this cold weather. Nothing is even poking their heads out of the soil.

Martha said...

What pretty pictures -- but no fair -- when our garden is covered by a foot or so of snow!

Leslie said...

Aren't the color of Bromeliads so bright and cherry.. I love the mix of purple and reddish pink! Do you have any of the orange ones? The flowers last such a long time.. Perfect!
Your newest follower
Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

Light and Voices said...

Bromeliad in front of angel statue is sooo pretty.
Joyce M

Linda said...

Those are really has been warm here until it's windy and cold! I'm glad your weather is back to normal...I heard it has been cold in Florida.