Blooming Aloe and TS Emily

Yesterday I took a walk around my hot steaming back yard and noticed the Aloe Plant was blooming.
The photo below is from my upstairs balcony. This is the vantage point for me to see what is going on out there.

I'll have to admit the "Rainy Season" makes everything so green and lush but it's so humid.. really... you have to feel the wet in the air to appreciate it.  I find myself not going out during the day.  It's indoors, in the a/c for most of us here.  I remember when I was a kid my Father took us to our house in NY or  we went to my grandmothers in Cape May, for the summers. Since moving back here as an adult,  I totally understand.

The Aloe plant is so happy.

For the next few days Florida is on "Tropical Storm Watch".. Looks like our first storm, "Emily" will be skirting the East Coast. 
My daughter Cyndi lives in West Palm Beach and they more than likely will get a bit of wind and rain....

"Hurricane Season has officially begun"
Stay cool everyone and if Emily rears her ugly 
head, be safe. 

I'll be joining "A Southern Daydreamer" for
Outdoor Wednesday

"Tootsie Time"
Outdoor Wednesday