There are no other words needed.

"Happy Easter"



My Room is Painted.. finally

It seems for the past few years I have painted every room in the house, except mine.

I'm happy to say after bringing home many paint swatches I chose a color.. yes, I went from blue to green to cream and always went with white, several shades of white and it always looked so blahhhh.  This color is a sage green and I'm so happy with it.

Once I finished painting the room I wanted my $5.00 yard sale,  metal headboard white.  The photo is not very good because I simply forgot to get the shot before I started with the spray paint.

Outside to the driveway I went with my can of appliance spray paint.  It's so much stronger than the average spray.  Only problem it takes about 5 hours for it to cure and I chose a nice dry day to do this.

After I had on the first coat the wind blew it and the ladder I had it leaning against fell down. Was not as bad as I thought.  Not too much dirt stuck to it.  

Once the painting was finished I brought up the headboard and I liked the results.

I think I need to spray paint the floor lamp now.. it's gold!

The light this day was really bad in the room and no matter how many lights I turned on,  or off, I just could not get a good shot.  

The color has warmed up the room and it feels soft and calm.
This is a good size room but it's does not have perfect shaped walls.   There is not one wall without a door or window so it's really hard to arrange the furniture. I've moved everything so many times and it always ends up in the same spot.

It's the color were talking about today not the furniture or the arrangement. I still have work to do and a few new accessories to buy but I did get one wall hanging yesterday and it should help me while I'm sleeping.

I guess I'm one lucky woman.  My dreams have always come true.
I've always been a believer.

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Today Mr. N. and I played tourist and went to the beach to walk.  
We had a 90' day and it was hot and felt wonderful.
No, we did not go to the beach to lay in the sand or swim but we did walk around like the tourists do. 

When you live somewhere like this, you seem to forget with the daily life, just where you live.
Some would say, "It's paradise" and they are right.  But like those living in NY, how many times do they get to the Statue of Liberty or to the Empire State Building?  Not many.. I know when I lived there I went downtown to shop mostly not visit the sights.
I shy away from the beaches.. I just don't like the sun and heat.  You will find me at home in the a/c on such days... but yesterday,
I played Tourist.

While walking on the beach I found some children making their sand castle...
and the one that was wiped out by the waves.

a sign in one of the shops.. yes their right!

Walking back to the row of shops I ran into some Sea Daisies.  These are protected and lord help you if you may pick some.

The Sea Grapes are also protected. Right now it's too early to see the bunches of grapes that grow on them.

 a view from the bottom branches, sea grape

Then to the (what we call) Tourist Traps... shop after shop selling anything you may want to bring home as a souvenir.

Then there were the yard ornaments.

Lets not forget the flip flops

Then Happy Hour

I could have bought any of a dozen things but I did not want to seem like a tourist and we in Florida don't usually put these things in our yards... haha
I thought I would put up this post for all of you Northerners who just can't seem to shake the cold and snow... might help to let you know, Summer is on the way so don't despair!

This is a long shot of Clearwater Beach.  Not many sun bathers out this time of the morning but it did fille up by 11am. 

Then we went to lunch in the restaurant located in the Don CeSar Hotel on St. Pete Beach.... that was nice.

Maybe one day I will play tourist and get a room here.. stay a week and have room service wait on me... but then it's only 20 minutes from my house.

In need of a summer fix... come on down!



My Hoya

 When my Hoya blooms it's a cause for celebration.

This Hawaiian plant is very hardy and seems to grow fast.  It has long gangley stems that may have one or two heavy waxy leaves. Sometimes I think to cut them off but after having this plant for the past 5 years I know one day a flower will come out....

 I just wind the long stems over each other to keep the plant from dangling all over the deck. Don't want to hurt it.

 The root system is almost like an orchid.  I think I may water it once a month, if that. The pot is so small, a 4in pot, and maybe one day I will repot it but am afraid I may do some damage? It has no soil, just orchid mix.

The little flowers have the feeling of wax or ceramic, depending on the days it's been in bloom.  These are about a week old now and are still going strong.

There is another Hoya on my deck and it has white flowers but so far it has not bloomed this year.. give it time. I do prefer the pink/lavender color.  Odd but there is no scent?

Today was a beautiful day here in SoFla. 
Was a hot 90' but felt oh so good to be outdoors.

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 "To Me"

Today is my birthday.
I think I'll make a cake.
Mix and stir, stir and mix,
Then into the oven to bake.
Here's the cake so nice and round,
I'll put icing on so white (chocolate).
I'll put on all the candles
To make my birthday bright!
Happy birthday to me!

My loving Daughter #1 asked me what I wanted and today they came in the mail....... 

I'm in love with my new boots!
Now I can get down and dirty around the creek area of my yard.. the snakes will have a hard time getting to my ankles.

  Mr N. asked me what I wanted for my birthday also, several times this past month.   I'm not one to want diamonds or pearls but a 6ft ladder would really make me happy.  I'm so tired of using a step ladder or a dining room chair to reach high places.  He brought this wonderful ladder home for me.
A few weeks after the ladder he said, "I have to get you something nice for your birthday".. what else do you want?
A Pink Rose bush, a live rose, not a bouquet of roses!
Then he bought home this lovely Rose bush and it has taken the place of honor in my new "Rose Garden". ( I do have three rose bushes there already)
But now I can call it my "Rose Garden"

Then one day he came home with a new cell phone.
The AT&T iPhone.   After using it for about a week I found I really love using this phone. I can download books to read, play games, the apps are too many to mention, It has iPod included and can bring in radio stations from across the   globe. I have the internet and can bring up my email, my blog and facebook.  The best part, "Face Time".  I can dial my daughter or sister around the world and we can talk "Face to Face"!  It's really a wonderful little gadget!

 I also now use my iPhone4  to take photos.. have not taken my camera out of the drawer for several weeks now.  All the photos I post on my blog are from my iPhone.... it's not the same as the expensive cameras some of the bloggers use, but I can't afford such a camera anyway.  The nice thing is my iphone is always with me so I don't miss a shot.
Here is the birthday bouquet  my girl Gina sent this week.  Photo taken with my I phone.
(I think they need to find a new name for these new phones.. because their more than a phone. They  more like toys)

Birthdays have never been special to me but this year I feel wonderful.  God has given me 6 more years than the doctors predicted and I'm thrilled.
 Blogging has given me another way to make some  new friends. Although we have never met face to face.. we are enjoying our new found friendship. Thank you to all the bloggers out there who read my blog and leave such sweet comments.
Thank you Mr. N. for always being there.  Thank you new and old friends. Thank you to my girls for all they do for me and my grandsons who I adore, and to their dad who takes such good care of his family.  To my son who is always in my heart.
My new daughter-in-law and new granddaughter, I'm so happy you joined our family.  
To all who have never left me no matter my quirks.
A BIG thank you to my sister, my friend since birth.
You all have kept my smile glowing.
Thank you Lord!
I love you all
It's been a good year




An early B/day surprise

For as long as I can remember, Tulips have been my favorite flower.
Today a box came from the UPS guy and inside was the most beautiful bouquet and the vase to put them in. All I had to do was snip off an inch from their stems, then add water.

Inside was a card.  Wishing me a Happy Birthday from my sweet Gina and her family.
Gina has been away for almost 2 years now, far away living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and I miss her so.  She has not been able to come home because being married to a military man the price of air fair for a spouse is not covered unless it's for military reasons. . For her to fly  to my house, with her three boys would be around $2100. per person.  That would make it from 8 to 10 thousand dollars just to come visit for a few weeks... 
I have not been able to travel that far because of a health reason. 
A heart monitor sits beside my bed  that reads my pacer, and I need it hooked to my phone modem.  Amazing gadget really, go's to my Dr's office for them to read.

Thankfully we are living in an era of modern technology and can use 'Face Time' each day and I can see and speak to her and my three grandsons.  They know who grandma is.  

The nice thing abut "Face Time"  the boys can read their favorite book to me or play a game with me, or just tell me how their day went.  But my heart aches for those hugs and kisses that only real life can bring...
June of 2012 will be when their family will be coming stateside once again and I can travel easier to be with them, and they me.  I can't wait!

 Notice my Dahlia in the dish of water.

I woke this morning to the bouquet standing straight and tall. I love how Tulips change their shape with the light.  This may just be the freshest bouquet of flowers I've ever received. 

How I miss them all