An early B/day surprise

For as long as I can remember, Tulips have been my favorite flower.
Today a box came from the UPS guy and inside was the most beautiful bouquet and the vase to put them in. All I had to do was snip off an inch from their stems, then add water.

Inside was a card.  Wishing me a Happy Birthday from my sweet Gina and her family.
Gina has been away for almost 2 years now, far away living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and I miss her so.  She has not been able to come home because being married to a military man the price of air fair for a spouse is not covered unless it's for military reasons. . For her to fly  to my house, with her three boys would be around $2100. per person.  That would make it from 8 to 10 thousand dollars just to come visit for a few weeks... 
I have not been able to travel that far because of a health reason. 
A heart monitor sits beside my bed  that reads my pacer, and I need it hooked to my phone modem.  Amazing gadget really, go's to my Dr's office for them to read.

Thankfully we are living in an era of modern technology and can use 'Face Time' each day and I can see and speak to her and my three grandsons.  They know who grandma is.  

The nice thing abut "Face Time"  the boys can read their favorite book to me or play a game with me, or just tell me how their day went.  But my heart aches for those hugs and kisses that only real life can bring...
June of 2012 will be when their family will be coming stateside once again and I can travel easier to be with them, and they me.  I can't wait!

 Notice my Dahlia in the dish of water.

I woke this morning to the bouquet standing straight and tall. I love how Tulips change their shape with the light.  This may just be the freshest bouquet of flowers I've ever received. 

How I miss them all 



Granny said...

The tulips are beautiful. What a nice surprise. Has the military decided it's safe for the families to stay in Guam?

Jenny said...

Happy Almost Birthday. What a lovely gift!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh what a precious gift and they are truly gorgeous. I love tulips also. God Bless them for serving our country. Hope you get to see them soon. Happy Birthday. Hugs, Marty

Karen said...

Happy Early Birthday! Love the tulips, they are gorgeous and doubly precious because of the senders. I can only imagine your longing for your family; thank goodness for the internet connection at the very least. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Jennifer said...

What a touching story! Please thank your family for their service...I pray you will be reunited soon.
Love and prayers, Jennifer aka Gigi