My Room is Painted.. finally

It seems for the past few years I have painted every room in the house, except mine.

I'm happy to say after bringing home many paint swatches I chose a color.. yes, I went from blue to green to cream and always went with white, several shades of white and it always looked so blahhhh.  This color is a sage green and I'm so happy with it.

Once I finished painting the room I wanted my $5.00 yard sale,  metal headboard white.  The photo is not very good because I simply forgot to get the shot before I started with the spray paint.

Outside to the driveway I went with my can of appliance spray paint.  It's so much stronger than the average spray.  Only problem it takes about 5 hours for it to cure and I chose a nice dry day to do this.

After I had on the first coat the wind blew it and the ladder I had it leaning against fell down. Was not as bad as I thought.  Not too much dirt stuck to it.  

Once the painting was finished I brought up the headboard and I liked the results.

I think I need to spray paint the floor lamp now.. it's gold!

The light this day was really bad in the room and no matter how many lights I turned on,  or off, I just could not get a good shot.  

The color has warmed up the room and it feels soft and calm.
This is a good size room but it's does not have perfect shaped walls.   There is not one wall without a door or window so it's really hard to arrange the furniture. I've moved everything so many times and it always ends up in the same spot.

It's the color were talking about today not the furniture or the arrangement. I still have work to do and a few new accessories to buy but I did get one wall hanging yesterday and it should help me while I'm sleeping.

I guess I'm one lucky woman.  My dreams have always come true.
I've always been a believer.

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CraftyMummy said...

What a big job! I love the green you chose. The artwork really does juts finish it off nicely.

Just popped over from 504 Main Tickled Pink

Anonymous said...

You've chosen a lovely colour for your room. I cringed when you said about the headboard falling. Things like that seem to happen to me all the time. Glad it wasn't too disastrous. Your room looks lovely and peaceful.

sandy said...

It's very beautiful and I love the color! Very serene and peaceful.
Love your day at the beach. We drove down to the Clearwater area a few years ago at Christmas and we drove right past that pink hotel and my mouth dropped open! It is so beautiful there! Love that gulf shrimp too!

love your blog

sandy said...

oh the iron headboard is gorgeous! I've always wanted one. thankfully the wind didn't do too much damage to it!

Granny said...

The room looks great in that color. I love the bedspread against the white headboard. Very pretty. We used to use the appliance spray paint on both stoves and refrigerators when we managed the apartments. It's some really tough paint.

Karen said...

Sandy, the paint is amazing! I groaned when I heard the headboard tipped over and fell on the ground, but was glad to hear the damages weren't too bad. I love the color of the room. You have so much talent, when I get around to remodeling I will be sending you paint chips to help me decide on colors.