Today Mr. N. and I played tourist and went to the beach to walk.  
We had a 90' day and it was hot and felt wonderful.
No, we did not go to the beach to lay in the sand or swim but we did walk around like the tourists do. 

When you live somewhere like this, you seem to forget with the daily life, just where you live.
Some would say, "It's paradise" and they are right.  But like those living in NY, how many times do they get to the Statue of Liberty or to the Empire State Building?  Not many.. I know when I lived there I went downtown to shop mostly not visit the sights.
I shy away from the beaches.. I just don't like the sun and heat.  You will find me at home in the a/c on such days... but yesterday,
I played Tourist.

While walking on the beach I found some children making their sand castle...
and the one that was wiped out by the waves.

a sign in one of the shops.. yes their right!

Walking back to the row of shops I ran into some Sea Daisies.  These are protected and lord help you if you may pick some.

The Sea Grapes are also protected. Right now it's too early to see the bunches of grapes that grow on them.

 a view from the bottom branches, sea grape

Then to the (what we call) Tourist Traps... shop after shop selling anything you may want to bring home as a souvenir.

Then there were the yard ornaments.

Lets not forget the flip flops

Then Happy Hour

I could have bought any of a dozen things but I did not want to seem like a tourist and we in Florida don't usually put these things in our yards... haha
I thought I would put up this post for all of you Northerners who just can't seem to shake the cold and snow... might help to let you know, Summer is on the way so don't despair!

This is a long shot of Clearwater Beach.  Not many sun bathers out this time of the morning but it did fille up by 11am. 

Then we went to lunch in the restaurant located in the Don CeSar Hotel on St. Pete Beach.... that was nice.

Maybe one day I will play tourist and get a room here.. stay a week and have room service wait on me... but then it's only 20 minutes from my house.

In need of a summer fix... come on down!



Candy (Mama Lion) said...

just looking at these pics is so relaxing!

Karen said...

Sandy, don't tempt me! Oh, it looks a world apart from life here right now. Hard to believe somewhere it's 90 degrees and people are sunbathing as I write this.

It must be fun to play tourist. Your area must be inundated with them all year round. (Why would anyone want an alligator/crocodile head?) I often think that the people in China who make all the yard ornaments and other ridiculous stuff must really think Americans are idiots.

There is an amazing array of flip flops though!

Darla said...

I'm a Florida Native and I got tired of being drug to the beach every year...I rarely go..once in a while I long for the salty smelling air though...girl you got that right about the tourist traps..not much of that type of art around here either....and the pelicans crack me up!

Darla said...

I meant flamingos.....I have seen some strange pelicans around though :)

Granny said...

I love the beach and always have my daugher and son in law take me there when I visit them. They live in Jacksonville and go to the beach often also.

I get a kick out of visiting the tourist traps although I don't buy things there.