A soft little bag to hold my knitting while flying...

I've been mentally packing for a few flights I'll be taking in a few weeks and the one thing that must go with me is my knitting.  I hate sitting on planes with nothing to do. Reading is fine but I like to look around and keep my mind on the flight not some good book  (I'm odd like that).
My thought went to a soft bag of sorts to carry my knitting and the ease of just stuffing it in my carry on when I need to. So I dug in my fabric box and found this piece that has been in there for quite some time.  Appropriate enough it's design is about sewing.

I simply cut a rectangle and sewed the sides together.

Then sewed  a band around the top, added a button hole on each side of the band for the draw string.

Why buy some expensive braided rope when I have so many different yarns to choose from.  I simply measured out a length and used six strands to give it some strength.

 Don't laugh but I was being lazy and did not want to get up and hook the end of the yarn to something while I braided it into a rope, so please excuse my foot,  I used my toes.

 Then hooking the new braid to a safety pin, I ran it through the band I created on top.  Worked perfectly!

 There, that was easy and only took about a half hour to make.

 It's so soft and shoves easily into my carry on.

 Now thinking about the security... a few months ago I flew and brought my crochet, that was a hook. I'm wondering if they will let me on with knitting needles?  The one I'm using is in the round, not two long needles.  Hopefully they will not take it from me?  How upset I was when they took my favorite pair of sewing scissors.  They were all of 2 1/2 in long but they took them away from me anyway.  I could have done more damage with my pen?
Has anyone flown lately and brought their knitting needles into the cabin? If anyone has the answer please let me know... TY

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Do you use Aloe for it's medicinal purposes?

This doses not happen too often.. It's only the second time I've seen the Aloe Plant bloom. Might have something to do with all the rain we have had over the past month?

 I bought a tiny potted Aloe 5 years ago because I actually use it for burns and cuts. I also rubbed the soothing gel that comes from the leaves on a surgical scar that was rather large and sore.  Today this scar, that is on my lower back is smooth and not too bad to look at and I really think the Aloe helped it heal.  The original plant  outgrew the pot so I put it way out back near the creek and it grew to the size of a garbage can lid. It may be funny but once in a while you will see me go down there with the scissors to cut a piece for some cut or abrasion.   The babies that grew beside it were always pulled and I'd give them to friends and neighbors.

 The flowers are rather like hanging bells and have a waxy feel about them.

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