"Holiday Preperations Have Begun"

It's official,  "The Holidays have begun"!

Getting my list of "Things to do" for the Holidays is a simple sheet of white paper with scribbles of names and what to do for who?  The first thing to do today is "Bake" the pies for Thursday.  Seems everyone asked for "Pumpkin Pie"  
Two finished today.  I'll put them in the freezer and on Thanksgiving Day will just pop them in the oven for a bit then by mid afternoon they will be cooled in the fridge..
Hey, when I went to look at them cooling guess what?  Mr N just could not resist!

"I'm thankful every day, he said, and today is no different!"  He was like the cookie monster with his pie!

My list tells me I need to make one more quick trip to the grocery store and then I'm ready!

It's official, "Let the wrapping begin"

I'd love to say "I'm finished with Christmas buying" but there are a few odds and ends I must go out and find.
But, the big stuff is all ready sent to the addresses around the world to family.

 My bird is defrosting.

The next few days will be all about "Thanksgiving" and what I'm thankful for.
The first thing on my thankful list is my dear Mom-in-law, she turns 100 on the 25th of this month. For 31 years she has been nothing but kind and loving to me.  Although she lives in Illinois with one of Mr. N's sisters I know she is well, happy and doing wonderful.  There will be an open house on her special day for all her friends to come by to wish her well. 

Thankful #2,  for Mr. N.  This man whom I met 34 years ago has been a rock in my life.  He has always been beside me when I needed him and to this very day he is taking care and being sure I'm healthy.

Thankful #3,   that all my children are happy and well. For the wonderful grandchildren they have given me and this past year I inherited a new grand daughter with my sons marriage. For my kids spouses who I adore.   This includes my Nieces and Nephews that are scattered around the world.  They all are very special to me.

Thankful #4,  for my wonderful Sister. Since the day I was born my big sister has been the one constant I can count on.  We have been closer than most sisters and  although we have been separated by the Atlantic Ocean since the age of 19, the distance has never come between us. We manage to visit with each other every year.  We have always had  a very close relationship and I cherish her!

Thankful #5,  for the wonderful Men and Women of our Armed Forces.  Without them there would be no safe and secure holiday coming up.  When I think of the people of the world who do not have what I have.  For those who are struggling just to stay alive and feed themselves are always in my thoughts, as if thoughts might send some good vibes to them.

#6  for my Mom and brother who could not be with us today. Death took them away from me but they will be with us in spirit. I'm thankful for having them in my life.

Thankful #7, for all my bloggie and internet friends.  It still amazes me how far we have come on the world wide net.  My heart wants  so much to come face to face with many of you, but just know, I'll be thankful for your constant friendship forever.

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"Recovering Dining Room Chairs"

While at my daughters this past week she asked if I would help  recover her dining room chairs.
Her dining room table and chairs are of a really beautiful design and  the chair covers have seen better days.  We went to JoAnns and picked out some nice designer fabric then home for her first lesson on how to do this.  
She found out how easy it was.
The photo does not show the true color.  It's called Kiwi Green and has a black floral design going through it.  Such a difference from the simple cream color of the previous seat covers.

We used foam to give the seats a new feel since time has made them rather uncomfortable.
I showed Cyndi how to remove the seats, from the bottom with a screw driver.  "Wow, that was easy", she said.  Then we laid the seat cushion over the foam and new fabric and cut to size.

We then used the staple gun to hold it all together. 
Again Cyndi said, "This is easier than I thought"!

After trimming the fabric around the staples we then began to put the seats on the chair until her battery powered screw driver ran out of juice.  So while her driver was plugged in for the night,  it all was left until the morning.  Then we realized the screw driver just did not have the power to get the screws in.  We both did not have the power to use a hand screw driver.  We were off to the Home Depot for an electric drill.   
The new drill with a screw bit worked like a charm.
We  had to laugh when we both said, at the same time, "As Tim Allen would say on his TV show, Tool Time", with a growl in his voice.
"Need more power"!

The seat cushions turned out so nice and now that Cyndi knows how easy some home projects are, she wants to do more. A valance over the sliding glass door in the same fabric is next. Cyndi does not sew so I'll be giving her some refresher lessons from the ones  she had from me years ago, that she never took an interest in.  I think now she might have a new appreciation for sewing.
But first I'll finish the sofa pillows that are being made to blend the living room with the dining room chairs. I brought the pillows and fabric home with me.  More on that another time.

Since Cyndi has had her own place I've been trying to give her pointers on home improvement projects and I think other than cross stitch, this might just be her first  fabric project.  
I know how proud she must feel when she looks at the difference in the new seating. 
It makes me smile to see my two girls decorating and taking an interest in their own homes.

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Beautiful Morning Watching the Surfers...

The Atlantic Ocean has always been a part of my inner soul.
From my earliest memory I can remember walking on the beach  up and down  the East Coast. My young years living in Miami then those happy days when I took my then young children to the Shore of Jersey, to put their little feet into the bubbling water.  How they laughed.
Before going home from Palm Beach back to Clearwater  my daughter, sister  and I went early in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise pop it's head up.
  By some stroke of luck we stumbled upon the "Juno Surfing Competition"

The spectators and photographers lined the beach waiting for this really exciting sport to begin.
As we walked down the beach stair we saw dozens of wet suited bodies carrying surf boards.  Some were waxing them for the smooth ride they were hoping for.

The weather was perfect today.. Windy and cool. 

Juno Beach is about a 10 minute ride up the beach and is an area with really expensive homes and townhomes lining the road.  I told my daughter when I win the lottery I was going to buy myself a townhome and settle there.. haha
Along the beach you saw so many different people, some walked their dogs and some were doing their Tie-Chi.  The feeling was electric and we could not help but feel happy as the salty air blew through your hair.
Then the competition began.
Dozens of surfers paddled their way out to the large swells getting the feel of the ocean.

The surf on the Florida side of the Atlantic do not produce big swells, but are big enough on good days to offer a good time for these sportsmen.  I don't remember seeing a woman out there on this day.  
I just stood on the pier and took snap after snap on my camera hoping for some good shots.

Then I got the perfect shot of the surfer riding the wave and jumping back over the swell.  I think I had as much fun as he did.


I did try my hand at surfing when I was a teen.  Off the coast of California.  All I can say about it was I thought I'd drown a few times.  It was just not for me!
Further down the beach the Wind Surfers were having a ball.

This is one sport that is really hard.  You have to be in shape for it.  I stood for quite a while watching, just don't know how they do it?

As we made our way back to our car around noon I spotted a lonely coconut.

And a sweet little Sea Daisy stretching to the sun.

A few lost Jelly Fish.

It was time to wave bye to my favorite part of the world.  The Atlantic Ocean.  I'll be back in a few months to walk along your shores once again.  It's one thing that has been constant in my life and it's been so good to me!

Ok.. it's the Monday before Thanksgiving and I need to go grocery shopping.  I've got the ham.  My daughters company sent her a full meal box from "Honey Baked Ham" so she would not have to cook.  She was kind enough to give me some of the ham.  Today I get the Turkey.  Cyndi will be driving over on Thursday.  I've got my sister here also and of course Mr. N.  Will be a quiet family day but a good one.  Have to make the pies.. let me get a list going.
How will you be spending your Thanksgiving?
"I pray it's a good day for you and your family"

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((( huggss)))