A beautiful day to piddle around the house and yard.

I walked out my front door this morning and heard the chirp-chirp of little ones in the flower pot.  As much as I wanted to get a better look at the newly hatched baby Finches I left it alone.  Mom and Dad have been flying in and out for several weeks now and my coming and going has not seemed to bother them.  The Hoya in the pot has not been watered for weeks and still looks good so I'm leaving the new family alone. These little Finches are so loud as they sit in the tree most of the day, right by the front door.  It's a nice sound and I think I'll miss it once the family leaves the nest.

Today was a day full of different chores.  I clipped many of my herbs and set them to dry.  My kitchen window is the best place to hang them. Below is a good bunch of Oregano that fills the kitchen with it's wonderful sent.
The all ready dried bunch has been hanging for about two weeks and today I picked the tiny leaves from the stems and put them into one of the little plastic storage containers that line my herb shelf in the pantry. Growing my own Oregano is so much better than buying a jar of dried from the store.  The flavor is so much more intense and flavorful.  I have two very large plants that have been outside now for about three years and each year they seem to get bigger.
My Rosemary bushes are also thriving.  Compared to other plants in my neighborhood mine are so small.  Could be because I'm always clipping them to use in cooking.  My neighbors just grow them for hedges  and never use the herb.
A great way to use the large stems.. when you BBQ  put your veggies on the stems instead of using regular skewers.  You will not believe how the rosemary flavor gets into the food as it cooks.  Yes, if you eat meat use the stems the same way.  
Since my neighbors cut down a rather large Hickory tree this past week  I saw the sun in my kitchen window for the first time since living in this house... I was so excited and clipped rosemary and put into water to root.  It will take a few weeks but I have all the time in the world.  Will be nice to have a few new plants. 
As you can see my kitchen widow is a busy place.  Always full of my favorite things.  Basel rooting is another constant thing going on there
I noticed this past month my garden bench has seen better times.  With all the weather it's endured over the past 8 years it's starting to rot really bad.  The bench is way down by the creek and no one but the critters sit on it so I'm not afraid anyone will be hurt.  It's nice to look at from the back deck.  Decorative you might say.  
But I don't want to loose it or toss it in the trash (I got it out of someones trash years ago)   No surprise it's rotting, each rainy season the creek rises and the water comes up to the seat on this bench and it sits in the water for a few days.   But it always dries out and has served me well.  The ground below is just a modge podge of weeds, ferns and clover and always green and pretty. 
 Today I used some scrap wood and liquid nails and glued the boards to the legs with hopes of keeping it standing.  But first I used some craft paint and tried to match the color.   Might give this wonderful bench at least one more summer season to delight my garden?  I might just use some left over white spray paint and change the look?  It's not a very professional job but then no one looks at it way down there except me.

Today was a beautiful sunny day and a great day to piddle around the house and yard.  You know those days where you have no real plans and just see and do all the things you have not had time to get done.
Tomorrow is Saturday, that means yard sales.  I'm on the look out for some flower pots to put some really nice flowering bulbs my niece sent me for my birthday.  They will look good on the deck. 
Wish me luck.
Have a great weekend everyone. 

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A little time out to be thankful for another birthday.....

There is nothing better than  Fedex  coming to my door with 'Two Dozen Tulips"

 Ten years ago I was told I had (maybe) one year, to live.  
My heart stopped working on the left side.
So for that year I walked around afraid of the next day... but I found a great Cardiologist that helped me by implanting in my chest a Pacemaker/ defibulator that gives me little zaps when needed.  Every few years my doctor gives me the newest model and my heart is still beating because of all the new technology.  I also have a heart monitor in my home that reads my pacer and sends information right to my dr's office and they call within minutes if they see something odd.  

Today my girl, Cyndi sent me a beautiful bouquet of  
 because she knows they are my favorite flower and there is noting more I want or need in this life than the love of my family and friends, and of course 

 I just love the spring because it brings new life and "Tulips" not to mention another year for me to be here with my family and all the wonderful friends I have both in life and here in blogland. 
With all the horrors going on this past week here in America I am trying so hard to deal with it all and  keep telling myself that life is good and 95% of humans are also good.
I am so grateful to be here and enjoying life. 

"I love you all"


Happy 17th Birthday to my Turkish Van, "Rikki"...

17 years ago I took my daughter to the pound in Ft Lauderdale to pick out her birthday gift.  This little "Turkish Van" was the first kitty to walk forward in a crowded cage.  She was sickly with ear mites and so timid and shy.  "Rikki Ticki Tavi"was the name the pound gave her so we kept it.  She looks like a "Rikki" we all said.

Over the 17 years I've made so many moves to different cities and Rikki made the moves with us. Then  when my daughter finished high school, married and moved away with her CG husband Rikki went to live with my other daughter.   Well the other daughters job took her on the road so Rikki came to live with me and has been here for the past 8 years.

My sweet little girl Rikki has brought so much joy to our family and I wanted to wish her a very  
"Happy Birthday"
There will never be another pet like you!

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