A little time out to be thankful for another birthday.....

There is nothing better than  Fedex  coming to my door with 'Two Dozen Tulips"

 Ten years ago I was told I had (maybe) one year, to live.  
My heart stopped working on the left side.
So for that year I walked around afraid of the next day... but I found a great Cardiologist that helped me by implanting in my chest a Pacemaker/ defibulator that gives me little zaps when needed.  Every few years my doctor gives me the newest model and my heart is still beating because of all the new technology.  I also have a heart monitor in my home that reads my pacer and sends information right to my dr's office and they call within minutes if they see something odd.  

Today my girl, Cyndi sent me a beautiful bouquet of  
 because she knows they are my favorite flower and there is noting more I want or need in this life than the love of my family and friends, and of course 

 I just love the spring because it brings new life and "Tulips" not to mention another year for me to be here with my family and all the wonderful friends I have both in life and here in blogland. 
With all the horrors going on this past week here in America I am trying so hard to deal with it all and  keep telling myself that life is good and 95% of humans are also good.
I am so grateful to be here and enjoying life. 

"I love you all"


Becky said...

Hi Sandy. Your tulips are beautiful. Happy Birthday. I just found your blog. I don't know you and probably will never meet you in person but I want to tell you from my heart to yours.... I'm glad you are here celebrating another birthday. God bless.... Becky

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I had a birthday April 7th, my 62nd, I'm very thankful to be here enjoying my family too! Happy Birthday to you!!! Lovely tulips!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Beautiful flowers - enjoy. Happy Birthday!!

Wendy said...

A very happy birthday to you! My mom has a pacemaker defib as well. She has lived longer than expected and we are thankful for every day that she is with us. May you have many more years of love,health, happiness and family time.

dollygk said...

A very Happy Birthday my dear Sis, do something 'awful' today LOL

the cape on the corner said...

your tulips are gorgeous, happy birthday, and thank goodness you are ok now. enjoy your day and your flowers!

Karen L. Bates said...

Happy Birthday, I just celebrated my 67th on the 11th, here's to many more for both of us! Lovely flowers and it's just the little things like this, that really count. Great daughter!