Thoughts on Mothers Day 2013

 When Mothers Day comes around my heart still seems a bit sad.  I am missing my Mom just as much as I did the day she died.  Why she chose Mothers Day 1998 to leave this world has my mind smiling  as I know Mom wanted us to be sure to remember the day..  All of you out there who have lost your Moms know the feeling, one that always comes to our hearts each day of the year.  I can still hear her voice and smell her sent.  Her loving ways are still with me and with much love I'm sending all the vibes I can muster up to the heavens to her on this Mothers Day.

 As a Mom  I want to thank my kids for all the wonderful years they have given me.  My three all live in different areas of the country and it's been 9 years now since I've had the pleasure of having them all under my roof together.  The photo below is my son and two beautiful daughters. 
Gina, Cyndi and Tom
 This past April my Gina gave me a new grandson. Little Henry had the pleasure of joining his three brothers, Dad and Mom and is such a lucky boy to have joined this happy loving family.

 My kids have always been there for me over the years and spending time with them has been a priority when we can manage to get together.  I received such a sweet gift the other day from my  daughter-in-law Michelle.  
(makes me think she likes him)

 The marriage between Michelle and Tom gave me my wonderful grand daughter  Eve.  This young lady is as sweet and grown up as she can be and I'm so proud of her.  She called me the other night so excited, "Grandma I got a job"  Her first at the tender age of 14 and "it's in a comic book store"
 My daughter #1, Cyndi.  This girl (woman) has made me so proud.  She has been working so hard to build a great life for herself,  bought her first home this past year and has turned it into her dream.  When I need help or anything Cyn is always the first to come running. 

 Below is another gift I received in the mail, just today.  I belong to a great group of women,  "Coast Guard Moms".  We had a gift exchange for Mothers Day and the gift is a beautiful mosaic cross.  In the center is the Coast Guard insignia.  How did she know I have a collection of crosses scattered around my home? How did she know how special the USCG is to me and my family?
Mothers Day comes and go's each year but each day to me is Mothers Day just knowing and having my children.  They make my life special and I can say with great pride, 
"They have made my life what it is today"

Wishing all the Moms and Dads and Grandparents Caregivers and Guardians, who take care of and raise kids.

"Happy Mothers Day"