Happy Birthday Mom

 Sept 11

 Mom was 16 in these photos.
(don't you love the shoes)

Mary Eileen Murray
Her family called her Peggy 
This past week she had her 11th great grandchild.

1998 Mom was taken away from us and my whole world changed.
Today is Moms Birthday.
Sometimes I want to shout out to the Heavens and cry because I miss her so.

"Happy Birthday Mom"


Yummm Pie

Sam's Coconut Chess Pie

My sister Dolly, flew in, about 10 days ago, from her home in Saudi Arabia to her daughters home in Ohio, to sit with her in the last week of pregnancy. The baby was born three days ago and my sister was so happy to be there to witness the birth and to be with her daughter, after sitting around waiting for the baby's arrival she began to get bored.   Moey does not have a car and her husband is away most days working on his MBA. That leaves the two of them stranded.  The mom to be, Moey, was sleeping a lot during the day and this leaves my sis with much time on her hands.   So my sister watches TV and crochets mostly.
Well, she saw this TV show "Road Tasted" you might know it, with the "Dean Boys",  Paula Deans kids.

They travel the country searching for out of the way restaurants with good food.   Dolly  said, "The pies made her mouth water" and she quickly jotted down the internet address and looked into the store mentioned.

The restaurant, "Royers",  is in a small town just outside of Austin, in Round Top, Texas. 
Population 71.

Dolly sent me an e a  a few days ago telling me to "look for a delivery" in two days. Then she went on to tell the story of the TV show and the pies they sell.  I went into the site for the restaurant and saw the pie was $26.50 and it's the delivery, two day, that made me laugh... This woman sure is bored... the delivery charges were more than the pie...
This better be "One very good pie"
Check out the video, click below for the show

 The delivery box of the pie

The Pie came today, it was pretty warm from the UPS trucks heat. I quickly put it in the fridge and let it get cold.
I just finished a piece of this pie and I'll tell you, if you love coconut cream pie, then this is the pie for you!   It was really good!   I'm afraid to count the calories so I'll have to be really careful about how much I eat.  I will put half the pie in the freezer for my sisters arrival after her daughters visit,  if the new mom, lets her leave  (this is the new moms first baby and she will need grandma for weeks I'm sure).   Dolly is coming to me for the holidays and for the cooler weather.  (not Ohio weather but hot desert heat)

If your in need of a good pie for your next dinner party I highly recommend buying from the selection on their web page, if you don't mind spending almost $50.00 for a pie!
No, I'm not compensated for saying this,
"It was good!"

But, a $50.00 pie, that is almost laughable.

Or get out your pie pans ladies and make your own!  I think I could make 6 pies for that price....but will they be as good?


Pillow Cases

Deep inside I'm a romantic at heart and when it comes to giving gifts I spend a bit of time thinking of the person or couple who will receive the gift. "What would make them happy? or, what would they enjoy".  I always want a gift that will be used also. I don't want the gift to be put away or set on a table without much thought to it...

This past June my son married his sweetheart. They wanted to be married in a special place... "Big Sky Country, Montana"
They drove from their home in Michigan for a two week trip, were married and fell in love with the area... with dreams of returning one day.

"What better gift", I thought than pillow cases,, to dream of their return to this wonderful place.
I then went to the fabric store and bought 2 yds of 100% Egyptian cotton and made two cases... a bit larger than standard sizes, just in case they have large bed pillows.
I then went on an internet search for photos of Montana and the wild horses...

 Big sky, snowy mountains, wild horses, ranches....
 Once I had the idea in my mind,  using transfer paper to sketch the horse,  I then went to work embroidering....

This was a good thing for me to do while sitting in front of a movie and a few of my favorite tv shows. 
I really enjoy this sort of needlework.   It took me about 5 days (off and on)  to complete the two cases.

It's very hard to see in the photos but I have the word "Dream" stitched in white just to the side of the word Montana..  Dreaming as a very silent personal thing so white seemed to be the best choice..

Once I had the design complete, I stepped back and thought "I might need to do more" is it 'not enough'?   Then some words struck me, "Less is more" and I finished the design.. simple but to the point.
Tom and Michelle have dreamed of retiring to the "Big Sky Country" one day, and dreaming about it on the cases, might bring them closer to their return. 

There, another holiday gift complete!

now if I'm lucky they will not see this post


New baby boy

The baby boy our family has been waiting for has arrived.

Introducing "Ghaith Bukhari"

I don't have the exact size and pounds as he was born early this morning.. but Mom (my niece) and this sweet boy are both doing wonderful! Dad is floating on a cloud this morning I'm sure.
My sister (grandma attended the birth of her 8th grandchild) called me at 2am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I could hear her beaming through the phone!

"Congratulations" to the new parents and to our entire family.

What could be sweeter than a new "Baby Boy" 

I'm so grateful for the birth of this healthy baby boy so I'm posting on "Heart and Home"

Wednesdays Gratitude


Maya and Tessa

My daughter Cyndi lives in West Palm Beach and her patio looks out on a lake with a tree on a small island. The tree is the night home to a large number of Egrets. They come to roost at sunset and the view is amazing. 
Maya and Tessa have their spot for viewing the birds and they get so excited at the same time each day, knowing the birds will soon come home.

There must be hundreds  of these beautiful Egrets in the tree as the evening turns into night.  The birds make a lot of noise while fighting for space, then they settle down to sleep only to wake at the crack of dawn and fly away for the day.

Egret and Ducks are one of the many animals and birds in this lake. They also have a gator or two and Iguanas are known to walk around just outside her door.

 If you notice in the first photo, the bush just outside of the screening on the porch, the "Sea Grape" bush. These bushes/trees are protected here in Florida and it is against the law to cut one down.

Sea Grape


 Tessa and Maya

Tessa is just a baby and has come to love her big sister Maya. Here they are doing what they do best, play.
I'm not sure if the subject of this post is about  Maya and Tessa or the Egrets?  In any case it's about the great outdoors and the beautiful spot my daughter lives and her two kitties. 

I can't leave out my Rikki. 
Would'nt want her to feel left out. Rikki turned 15 this past April. She has been with the family since we rescued her in the Ft. Lauderdale animal shelter when she was just 8 weeks. 
Now the post is about Maya, Tessa, the Egrets, my daughter #1, the great outdoors, the Sea Grapes and Rikki.

labor day

That is, if you have the day off!

(and to my niece, who is about 7 days late with her pregnancy. "Today would be a perfect day to go into Labor... Good Luck Sweetie)