Removing the old bricks and putting in new decorative style...

 The weather was good this past week here in my area and as much as I hate to say this, it's thanks to "Sandy".  The hurricane came blowing up the Atlantic and gave us winds and cool weather.  This happens when ever there is a Tropical system out there.  So I got busy finishing my re-do of the front garden.  I did a post last week on how I pulled all the plantings that were at the end of their summer life,  you can see it here.

 Once I had all the ground cleared I put in some new shrubs that will no longer require my attention. They don't need as much water and are Florida friendly. The spot will also loose soil when it rains so I got busy changing out the brick that did not work because they were simply not tall enough.  I found some decorative bricks and replaced with new.

So much more attractive and I don't have to worry about the new pine bark washing into the street or my having to water this garden spot as much.  As much as I love my gardens I'm getting to a point in my life where I just don't want to work as hard keeping them neat and tidy... I have much more important things to do, don't you know!

"Enjoy our time change and your new week everyone" 

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