Dahlias and Tornados


 April Fools Day came in with high winds and 9 Tornados.
Funny how I worried over my Dahlia bloom....

I did manage to secure the long stem to a stake.  Said a prayer and hoped for the best.  Then the winds started with thunder storms that lasted through out the night.  The rain beat down on this really large bloom and thankfully it  survived... Today I went out and got the photos.
  Large and lovely with three more flowers budding out.

This flower is larger than a tea cup saucer.

Oh how beautiful and delicate. 

If only I could capture this flower in drying dust.  They say to lay the flower in corn meal and cover it for a few weeks... it will also hold the color... maybe I should try?

As for the Tornado's, we did have a lot of damage throughout the area but thankfully no human was hurt.   Many trees fell,  many roof's were damaged and a few small airplanes flipped.  All quite fixable.
I look at our bad weather this way, Compared to Japans disaster, our tornado's were about as significant as a broken finger nail.....
The clean-up is on today.

My Dahlia survived!

I'll be joining a few Garden Blogs

Tuesdays Garden Party

Outdoor Wednesday

Whow Us Wednesday 

Fertilizer Friday 

Blooming Friday 





This past week my "Facebook" page was  snatched by Cybercriminals.

The FB Team, bless their hearts, hijacked my page and closed it down.

What I went through, to prove to them through numerous messages and e'mails 
"I was me and I am who I said I am" was not easy. I had to answer many questions just to prove to them "It's me".

One thing, the FB Team is very cautious while investigating the spammers.

It all started while I was on  the phone talking to my daughter.. She said during our conversation, "Mom, why are you saying hi to me on the FB chat"?  (she knows I have never used that chat)
No, I said, I'm not on the computer or in facebook.... "Yes you are", right now your chat popped up and said "Hi there".... then I told her to answer them.  She did and they said to her, "I'm in Trouble, I'm in London and was robbed at gunpoint last night"....
What?  She said to me on the phone?  "Who is this"??
Well, she got out of there fast!
Then about 10 minutes later my niece called to say "Her husband also got the same chat on his FB page", from me....  "Aunt Sandy is not in London, is she"?

Without my contacting the Facebook Team, they must have been monitoring my page because they "Shut it down" and sent me an e'mail telling me "I have been spammed by Cybercriminals in a money scheme"

As I said before, numerous e'mails back and forth with the FB Team, my page was finally released back to me today!   It took 5 days to investigate!

For all of you with a Facebook page be careful with who you Friend... I left my page partially open as most bloggers do wanting to get more traffic but now, I have it totally on "Private"... it's just not worth the trouble.  My page is now just for family as I have many around the world and I need to be in contact with them.
I've changed all my passwords on all pages I log into.

Here is a bit of the e'mail from the Facebook Team to me, I'm posting it to help you keep your page safe....

 * * * * * *

Our systems indicate that your Facebook account has been compromised by cybercriminals attempting to impersonate you. These criminals often will try to trick your friends into sending them money by claiming that you are stuck in a far away location and in need of assistance. It is possible that your email account was compromised as well, as obtaining access to a victim’s email is one of the primary ways these cybercriminals have been operating. Please take the following steps to ensure the security of your Facebook account going forward:

1. Select a new, unique password for any email address associated with your account, making sure to avoid using the same password for any account.

2. Verify that you control all of the email addresses associated with your account on the Contact Email section at:

3. If you have not done so already, please add a security question to your account from the Account Settings page.

4. Visit the following page for more information about Facebook security and how to report suspicious material:

Finally, if you think you have been victimized by fraud, you can report this to Western Union's fraud hotline by calling 1-800-448-1492.


The Facebook Team

I can't tell you how much my Facebook page has become important to me... It's the only way I can keep track of my family... It's good to be back up and running!

Thank you to the "Facebook Team" for all your help!

New update..... turns out this all started because someone hijacked my yahoo e'mail password and went from there... they got into many of my web sites, the ones I had passwords to... 99% of those sites all had different passwords that I made up.
They even tried to buy something on one of my retail sites..
As for online banking, mine assured me their site is secure, but I changed that password also.
Thieves are everywhere. Be Careful!
Is anything sacred anymore?
Today I changed passwords in 6 of my important sites . 


Wordless Wednesday

No words needed.

"I had to save them from the heavy rain we had today"

.I'll be joining


Springs Nesting

My home sits on a very large piece of property with many trees and wonderful spots for a bird to build her nest but look where "Mr and Mrs Finch" chose to put there's.

This space is on the deck, by my back door.
It is a small old rusty bakers rack that holds a variety of things through out the day. I call it my 
"Catch all rack".
I do usually get most of the items put away but a few days ago I noticed Mom and Dad Finch,  starting a nest.  Mrs Finch can be seen sitting on the rack, just in front of the window washer liquid.

I went out to check on the nest this morning and there is one (1) egg in there but no
momma?  Hmmm wonder where she went?   I have been so careful to not bother the birds or the nest.  Oh, "I hope we did not scare her and she flew away"
This makes me so happy.   I don't want it disturbed, so there is now a sign for all to see...
"Bird Nest In Progress"
"Do Not Enter"

Here comes Momma with leaves from the yard.  This bird uses all leaves and carves a nest that looks like the size of a foot ball and it has an hole for the entry way.  I'm going to do my best to get a photo of the finished nest.  (if mom and dad will let me near)

I grabbed my camera.. well my iphone really,  then waited to catch Mr or Mrs. Finch as they carried one leaf at a time.  They chose to build their nest just behind a can of primer and the dust pan....

Well, I guess painting is over until they babies fly from the nest. 
That will take weeks!

Here is Momma waiting for me to leave. 
Sitting on the potted plant looking at all my junk.  (you would think she would have waited for me to put it all away, but then she likes the junk, it provides safety for her nest).

Now I know for sure
"Spring has finally arrived"

Guess my finishing the paint on the staircase is officially over for a few weeks.  I was wanting to get it finished in the next few days.  I'm praying my kids get out of Guam soon... they have been having so much trouble with the MAC flights... they were booted from three flights this past few days.  The flights were canceled an hour before they left the gate..  They go back to Japan for more evacuees.  With any luck, when that plane gets back to Guam this time they will get the flight to Andrews AFB?  
Our TV news this morning said, "Radiation detected in the Bay Area"... that's us!
So you know it has to be in "Guam"!  (ug!)

I want the birds nest to be here for my grandsons,, they will love seeing the little eggs and then the baby bids....

Spring is here for sure!