Springs Nesting

My home sits on a very large piece of property with many trees and wonderful spots for a bird to build her nest but look where "Mr and Mrs Finch" chose to put there's.

This space is on the deck, by my back door.
It is a small old rusty bakers rack that holds a variety of things through out the day. I call it my 
"Catch all rack".
I do usually get most of the items put away but a few days ago I noticed Mom and Dad Finch,  starting a nest.  Mrs Finch can be seen sitting on the rack, just in front of the window washer liquid.

I went out to check on the nest this morning and there is one (1) egg in there but no
momma?  Hmmm wonder where she went?   I have been so careful to not bother the birds or the nest.  Oh, "I hope we did not scare her and she flew away"
This makes me so happy.   I don't want it disturbed, so there is now a sign for all to see...
"Bird Nest In Progress"
"Do Not Enter"

Here comes Momma with leaves from the yard.  This bird uses all leaves and carves a nest that looks like the size of a foot ball and it has an hole for the entry way.  I'm going to do my best to get a photo of the finished nest.  (if mom and dad will let me near)

I grabbed my camera.. well my iphone really,  then waited to catch Mr or Mrs. Finch as they carried one leaf at a time.  They chose to build their nest just behind a can of primer and the dust pan....

Well, I guess painting is over until they babies fly from the nest. 
That will take weeks!

Here is Momma waiting for me to leave. 
Sitting on the potted plant looking at all my junk.  (you would think she would have waited for me to put it all away, but then she likes the junk, it provides safety for her nest).

Now I know for sure
"Spring has finally arrived"

Guess my finishing the paint on the staircase is officially over for a few weeks.  I was wanting to get it finished in the next few days.  I'm praying my kids get out of Guam soon... they have been having so much trouble with the MAC flights... they were booted from three flights this past few days.  The flights were canceled an hour before they left the gate..  They go back to Japan for more evacuees.  With any luck, when that plane gets back to Guam this time they will get the flight to Andrews AFB?  
Our TV news this morning said, "Radiation detected in the Bay Area"... that's us!
So you know it has to be in "Guam"!  (ug!)

I want the birds nest to be here for my grandsons,, they will love seeing the little eggs and then the baby bids....

Spring is here for sure!



Granny said...

That's so sweet of you to be considerate of the bird nest. I hope Gina and the boys can get out of Guam and to your house soon. They will be so happy to get to your house they won't care whether the staircase is painted or not.

Pondside said...

New life is so exciting, no matter what form, what species. We will have ducks nesting soon and that is so much fun!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

How did I miss this post? So cute! Are you sure they are finches? They look like the Carolina Wrens that took up residence in my garage! The white streak near the eye I believe gives it away. I opened the garage and waiting to see if they come back. I tried it out and I can lodge the drawer in between the crepe myrtles. I had to take a few things out of it first! They were right on top of the soldering gun! Thanks for send me the link.