While putting the box together for the baby shower I had no idea how many things I made....

Today my sister and I took a 4 hr ride to the other side of the state, from Clearwater to Jupiter, Fl and the fog was amazing on the Turnpike.  We arrived safe and sound for our weekend visit with my daughter.  I just went through my photos to put up this post and surprised myself with how many items I have made for my new grandbaby to be.  
I knit two layette sets. One white and one yellow.

 Then I made a quilt that can be used for a tummy time floor mat or in the stroller.

Then there are the Onesies that tell the story of the babies Daddy and Bothers.

And the 'oh so soft' and beautiful chunky knit crib blanket and pillow.

There are also a few needed items that I know my girl needs since all her saved baby goods were lost on the trip back to the states from Guam.
 As I said in previous posts we still do not know the gender of the new baby so I have to wait,, do I make little dresses or little blue sweaters for the cold of Oklahoma City?
We will know in about 8 weeks.

"This post is a good "Letter K" for Jennys 
"Alphabet Thursday" I think I'm done knitting for the season!

The box will be mailed in a few weeks, just in time for the baby shower for my youngest daughter.  
In the mean time I'll enjoy my visit in Jupiter and spend some quality time with my older daughter and sister.  This is a beautiful beach town right on the Atlantic in South Florida. 

 I hope to get some photos and will post them later next week.
"Have a great weekend everyone"

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Beautiful weather and a pile of Wood Chips finally got me outside in the yard.

I went out yesterday morning and when I got home and turned into my driveway there was a huge pile of "Wood Chips", mulch.  Our lawn care guys just dumped it in the driveway as a gift.  No one asked 'who would spread it around' and the Mr. said, "He would do it" but I know this man, he would do it I'm sure, but when is the question?  
Since living in this town house we must have put grass on this side of the house, two or three times.  Sod once and seeds several times but the heavy rain we get during the summer months just washes it down into the creek.  So we are trying something new.  If this does not help then we are thinking of extending the driveway all the way down to the deck.  
End of problem! 

My sister was kind enough to help me.  This pile was BIG and it might have taken me a week to get it done.  Then by some stroke of luck my guy friend/neighbor came in from work and felt sorry for us and took the shovel and got to work. 

Look how nice... no dirt and no mud.  Lets just hope it will be packed down before rainy season comes.  I'm crossing my fingers that it stays this neat and pretty.

We have a cold front coming tonight.  Well a cold front for my area of Florida is anything under 60' and we were told we will have to wear more than a sweater.   
I came down to Florida from chilly Central Illinois and cold to me was a high of 4' this time of year,  so I have to smile at the clothes they wear here when it gets 'cold'... but one nice thing, "I can wear my boots"!

Now this is cold,  my son in Little Diomede, Alaska 



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