Beautiful weather and a pile of Wood Chips finally got me outside in the yard.

I went out yesterday morning and when I got home and turned into my driveway there was a huge pile of "Wood Chips", mulch.  Our lawn care guys just dumped it in the driveway as a gift.  No one asked 'who would spread it around' and the Mr. said, "He would do it" but I know this man, he would do it I'm sure, but when is the question?  
Since living in this town house we must have put grass on this side of the house, two or three times.  Sod once and seeds several times but the heavy rain we get during the summer months just washes it down into the creek.  So we are trying something new.  If this does not help then we are thinking of extending the driveway all the way down to the deck.  
End of problem! 

My sister was kind enough to help me.  This pile was BIG and it might have taken me a week to get it done.  Then by some stroke of luck my guy friend/neighbor came in from work and felt sorry for us and took the shovel and got to work. 

Look how nice... no dirt and no mud.  Lets just hope it will be packed down before rainy season comes.  I'm crossing my fingers that it stays this neat and pretty.

We have a cold front coming tonight.  Well a cold front for my area of Florida is anything under 60' and we were told we will have to wear more than a sweater.   
I came down to Florida from chilly Central Illinois and cold to me was a high of 4' this time of year,  so I have to smile at the clothes they wear here when it gets 'cold'... but one nice thing, "I can wear my boots"!

Now this is cold,  my son in Little Diomede, Alaska 



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LV said...

I have a back yard water problem as well. I had a drain system put in and helps some, but water still finds away around it. Mulch would never work for me.

Light and Voices said...

How wonderful that the neighbor came over and helped put the wood chips in the path. I hope it works for you. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. It is 11 degrees in Illinois tonight. Brrr....now that is cold.
JM Illinois

Jidhu Jose said...


Carol L McKenna said...

Lovely job you and your sister did ~ great photos ~ lovely landscaping ~ Brrrrr ~ yep Alaska son is cold!

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^ from New England ~ cold too!

Vintagesouthernlife said...

So good you had family and friends to help you out. It looks nice. It is in the low 30's here in SC and there is a lot of whining... me being one of them (grin) I can't imagine the cold your son is in!

Annesphamily said...

What a kind sister and neighbor you have! You all did a terrific job! Looks wonderful! Enjoy your weekend!