Bathroom reno, the window, part 2...

I call this "Bathroom Reno, part #2"... I started with the "linen Closet"
You can see this Here

The photo above is my upstairs "Bathroom Window".  Although the bathroom is a nice size with separate shower and tub and a 6' vanity, the window has always reminded me of a 'gas station window'.. no matter if I put up a 'silk window treatment', it's still small and ugly!
My first thought was shelves on the window.. but how?
Then the 'light bulb' came on. I remember some 'Macrame' twine I found a few weeks before at a garage sale... it was blue, as that was the new color of my house.. blue and white!

I also had some jalousie window panes I found many months ago in a trash pile.. I cut one into three separate pieces. To fit the width of the window. I only used two, not wanting to over due it!

 First I used curtain rod holders in the upper inside of the window frame.. this will hold the twine. I cut the length and used 4 times the length for each side (glass holder).  I then tied a knot for the first pane of glass (doing my best to measure the second exact).
I then slid the glass between the two sections of the hanging twine.  (I do hope I'm explaining this correctly?)
You know, I did this on my kitchen window also many months ago,  the kitchen window is perfect for small potted plants, (that is another story).

It worked!  Now for the "Ugly Window".
The metal of the widow itself was brown and not very attractive.  Also the window was not framed with molding. So off to my local "Home Depot"!  I bought 3" white. Wanted to save myself a bit of work, but, knowing me, "I'd paint it anyway"..... I am saving this step of the "Bathroom Reno" for post #3.

Here is the finished "Window shelves"... not bad!
To be continued.........................


"My French Columbine"

It took me three years to grow a "French Columbine"!

Really, from seeds, only two plants grew to size, but never a flower!
Again last year one plant did grow again. It just died back as winter took over (yes, we on the Gulf Coast of Florida do have winter).

This week I was so excited when I first saw the 'Bud' coming, and laugh or not "I talked to this little plant"... cheering it on as the bud finally opened!

is a native plant of Europe ; they vary in size, smaller types are as little as 4" in height, larger varieties can grow to as high as 35".
Columbine is a plant of the Aquilegia family... having distinctive bell-shaped flowers with spurs on each petal. They also come in a variety of colors. Mine are "White"!

Just to show that you can see whatever you want in the meaning of things, it turns out that back around Shakespeare’s time 400 years ago columbine flowers got a bad reputation as having something to do with the seamier side of sex. It was those five horns on the flower

No matter the meaning of the word "Columbine", I only know it as the sweetest little flower.  Although  I have not seen many growing in the gardens I may have walked through, I so have loved this little flower from afar. 
From what I read these little flowers grow in shady spots. Fields if you may.  Well mine is growing in full sunlight and now that I know this, far be it for me to transplant it to another spot! I will surly kill it!

Oh the joys of the garden... and my little "French Columbine"  
Excuse me while I go out and cheer on the next three buds, promise not to stay out there in the garden too long. They say a "Thunder storm is coming"!

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A thinking and remembering week for me....

This week, 12 years ago I lost my "Mother"... she picked "Mothers Day" to leave me and this earth.

 Changing my header photo today, I did it for "Mom"... her favorite flower was the "Black Eyed Susan" and my garden is so full of them this year....she must have had a hand in the re-seeding of last years, "one meager flower" ... Yes, I planted "one", and it re-seeded the spot all the flowers are on.. I did nothing at all, except let them grow!  In fact, I transplanted about 25 of those little seedlings around the yard.  My neighbors think I put alot of work into my flowers.  "Little do they know".  I take the compliments with a big smile!
This year the "Black Eyed Susan's" are spectacular! 

The "thinking" is of all the people I have lost over the years. My dear friend, "Ingrid", passed away two years ago and I miss her so much.  We did lunch together, so many times during  the years.  It's just no fun going out without her. How we laughed together! Everything was fun to "Ingrid".  Shopping and spending money we should not have, was even more fun. Our "Junkin days" as Ingrid called them, you know garage sales and trash pickin. Ingrid never trashed until she met me! She was from Sweden, "they never did that"!
                  Ingrid would have loved seeing the "Black Eyed Susan's"                                                                                                                                            
You know, "I think she sees them, as she smiles down on me"

This post is me rambling tonight... Thinking much too much, but oh so happy to have loved such wonderful people. "Mom and Ingrid"
There are a few more people in my life, who have passed away. Although I was saddened by their death, Mom and Ingrid were the two that "touched my life the most"!
   This post, and my new header, is for you two ladies!  "Rest in peace" Save me a spot in your new gardens.

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"My Embroidery Machine....

I'm sure at one time or another you all have stood in the sewing shop and watched those little machines humming away, making the cutest designs. This is a photo of my machine and I must admit "I don't use it much"... I'm a 'hand needle work" kinda person. But my sister does a lot of work on her machine  and has created so many items.. she makes usabl little items rather than just designs on fabric.. My sister bought me this machine to get me to learn how to use it... I did, but I still enjoy hand stitching more.  
Notice the machine has the "Disney" logo.. it creates all the characters you see in Disney. It can also upload all the designs the embroidery sites offer.

If you will notice the 'roll' in the photo... This is called "Sulky" it is used in place of fabric. It's like a heavy duty plastic wrap but is made of 'starch'. You do the embroidery on this then after the item is finished you simply wet it and the 'sulky' dissolves, leaving the finished product in tact... 
Really an ingenious idea!

I'm new to machine embroidery,  as I have always done hand stitching over the years. My sister loves this machine and is involved in offering her services for weddings  and other events that need favors for the guests....
Here is one of her creations. She gets the patterns off the net and downloads them into her computer then transfers the pattern into her machine. The machine then takes over and makes the design on what is called "Sulky", this medium is used in place of fabric. She then walks away and lets the machine do it's thing.  The one below was made in 9 parts then sewn together... then rinsed under running water and the 'starch' is washed away leaving only the design.  
Rather clever! 

This is called "Free Standing Lace"

Although I love the designs this machine makes you must have different sizes to create larger patterns. My machine makes only 4 inch designs while my sisters machine is designed to make 6 inch. She is on a quest to get a much larger machine, for larger projects.
Here are a few photos of the quilt  made for our Niece JoJo.

It seems the machine runs from anywhere to 5 minutes to 20 minutes, humming away creating each square of design. My only problem with this small machine is you must change the color thread each time one part of the design is finished. I'm one always looking for speed and shortcuts.
The finished product is amazing.  

The fabric used is a soft flannel of different pastel colors.

I have three grown children that have produced three grandsons. Although I love them dearly, you would think one of them would give me a graddaughter so I can make cutsie little designs on her clothing...The boys are into 'manly things' and grandma has no chance here.
Hey kids, "anyone listening"?
Imagine the possibilities.

Big smile here!