A thinking and remembering week for me....

This week, 12 years ago I lost my "Mother"... she picked "Mothers Day" to leave me and this earth.

 Changing my header photo today, I did it for "Mom"... her favorite flower was the "Black Eyed Susan" and my garden is so full of them this year....she must have had a hand in the re-seeding of last years, "one meager flower" ... Yes, I planted "one", and it re-seeded the spot all the flowers are on.. I did nothing at all, except let them grow!  In fact, I transplanted about 25 of those little seedlings around the yard.  My neighbors think I put alot of work into my flowers.  "Little do they know".  I take the compliments with a big smile!
This year the "Black Eyed Susan's" are spectacular! 

The "thinking" is of all the people I have lost over the years. My dear friend, "Ingrid", passed away two years ago and I miss her so much.  We did lunch together, so many times during  the years.  It's just no fun going out without her. How we laughed together! Everything was fun to "Ingrid".  Shopping and spending money we should not have, was even more fun. Our "Junkin days" as Ingrid called them, you know garage sales and trash pickin. Ingrid never trashed until she met me! She was from Sweden, "they never did that"!
                  Ingrid would have loved seeing the "Black Eyed Susan's"                                                                                                                                            
You know, "I think she sees them, as she smiles down on me"

This post is me rambling tonight... Thinking much too much, but oh so happy to have loved such wonderful people. "Mom and Ingrid"
There are a few more people in my life, who have passed away. Although I was saddened by their death, Mom and Ingrid were the two that "touched my life the most"!
   This post, and my new header, is for you two ladies!  "Rest in peace" Save me a spot in your new gardens.

I'm joining "Tickled Pink Blog Hop", because I am "Tickled Pink" over my "Black Eyed Susan's"

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Lanie said...

Very sweet and touching. Thanks for sharing with us! :)~Lanie J.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! It's good to ramble on now and again.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Beautiful post....Your blog and header make me smile

Enjoyed my stop at your blog...Hope you will visit me....Just posted on MAKING a DIFFERENCE!

Brianna! said...

Such a moving post.
You seem like a very strong woman!

Angie said...

You won an award!

Holly said...

A beautiful post. Very moving and heartfelt. It makes me think of those who I have lost as well. Gorgeous photo of the Black Eyed Susans. Thanks for linking up.

Lourie said...

Beautiful flowers and a beautiful and touching post! I am following you now.

Natalie said...

Oh, such a touching post...really, so sweet. And those flowers...wow! I think I'm going to be planting some of those this season - I love them! I guess I never really knew what they were...I really like them!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be back to visit you again too!

Red Door Home said...

Your flowers are beautiful. A wonderful tribute to your mother. My grandmother loved lily of the valley adn whenever I see them I am reminded of her.

Terra said...

beautiful post in so many ways. Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Thanks for coming by and visiting me today. I love your header picture and the sweet story that goes with it. I am hoping my flowers will bloom as well as yours.

Linda @ A La Carte

Marina at Shabby Whites said...

I'm sure she's happy with your garden...such a nice tribute.

Grandma Nina said...

Hi Sandy, It's so nice to meet you. Your tribute to your mother and your flowers are both so beautiful. My mother and I are close like that, too. We go to lunch once a week and shop together and love going to the flea market. After reading a "bit about you" I knew we could be good friends.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I am sorry about your Mom and Ingrid. I have not lost a love one yet...I don't think i would take it well. Big Hugs to you.