Little man is now a proper "Robin"

 Just in time for Halloween! 
I told the story in a previous post how my little grandson and his brothers played costume and while the older boys had proper Batman and Spiderman costumes little Alex had the left over costume parts and would dress up and tell me "I'm Robin".  I felt so bad for the little guy and after I returned from my visit to their home in OKC I went on a "Robin" costume search. 

Thinking since the Halloween costume stores were all open this time of year, I'd find Robin.  Was I wrong!
The clerks all told me "Robin is not popular anymore" and none had a Robin.  So I bought the supplies needed in the craft store and got to work making one of my own.

 The best part Robin simply wore a red shirt with black cape. It was easy enough to recreate.  Since I needed to make a large black circle I used a cooking pot to trace shape.

Used simple paper to cut a letter R Stencil  and used craft paint to create the letter and tool belt.

 As for the mask, well that was just as easy.  I bought a simple party mask and cut it to the rounded shape Robin is famous for. A Black marker to paint around the white styro showing and it was perfect.

 The costume arrived at Alex's house this week and now my little man can battle with the best of them.
He was so surprised and happy! That makes this  grandma smile.

I've been at my daughters house in Jupiter the past few days helping her build her bedroom closet into something special.  We took this large dis-functional space'

So far so good, it's working and looking good.
I love to see women with power tools!

 Another day of closet building and I'll be sure to show the reveal in a few days. Cyndi is so happy and excited to complete this special project.
More to come!


USUFRUCTUARY.. hugh? What did you say?

Jenny over at "Alphabet Thursday" wants us to use the letter "U"  Well,  I just don't want to use the usual words like, under, or upside down, I thought to find a word that most of us have never heard of. But, know what,  I'm sure we all do this from time to time but did we know it?


Right that allows the use of property that belongs to another. The owner of land that bounds or contains a natural water channel has a usufructuary right to use of the water. The water itself is considered to be held by the public with all adjacent property owners holding rights to its use. Restrictions on that use vary under state law.

 This term comes from Roman law. Usufruct is the right of temporary possession and enjoyment of something that belongs to somebody else, so far as that can be done without causing damage or changing its substance. For example, a slave in classical Rome could not own anything. Things he acquired as the result of his labour he merely held usus (et) fructus, under “use (and) enjoyment” — it was his master who actually owned them.

The term remains in use in modern US legal practice and elsewhere to mean somebody who “enjoys the fruits” of something, usually land. These days a usufructuary can be a trustee who enjoys the produce or income from property he holds in trust for somebody else. Many Native American groups hold land on a usufruct basis, with rights to enjoy the renewable natural resources of the land for hunting and fishing.

 Well, I know I enjoy the fruits of another persons property.. a few of my neighbors have grapefruit trees and they told me "Take all you want"  

You know I do!!

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Going to my daughters for the week to build her master closet... my kind of week!

I'll be going to my daughters home in Jupiter for the next week. She and I are going to take her large long closet and turn it into something wonderful.  Were going to measure then have the HD guy cut the wood wood and then build selves and cubbys to hold the large amount of clothing  she has scattered in several closets through out her house.

Some of you may remember I took my own closet and turned it into my very own Better Homes and Gardens creation.  

Well my daughter called last week and pleaded with me to come help her build something similar in her useless closet.  I'm the kind of person that loves to do such projects and when someone I love says to me come help me build,, well I gather my tools and I'm off.
Cyndi spent last evening taking off the doors, ripping up the carpet and tearing out all the wire shelving, then  gave her closet a fresh coat of white paint.  I'm sure having all her clothing scattered around might make her nervous but once we get it going she will be fine.  
I'll be sure to take photos to show the before and after.

In the mean time I wanted to tell you about a shelf I found on Pinterest. Look at all the extra storage space for the kitchen. Although I do have a great pantry this shelf will hold so many small things.  This will be a project for me after I get home from Cyndi's. Looks easy enough.  It is on rollers and just pulls in and out.

Then there is my downstairs bathroom that I've been wanting to do for the past 6 years. It's tiny and I always knew there was a way to  make it both functional and good looking. Well again I found a photo on Pinterest (don't you just love that site!) that is perfect for my space.

 via pinterest

Look at all the built in storage.  My bath is tiny and has useless walls.  Not for long because I'm going to build it exact sometime during the winter months.

Before I go let me share a photo I received today of my beautiful 15 yr old grand daughter.  Eve lives up in Alaska and is modeling the sweater I knit for her... looks good on her, don't you think. I love how she added the belt for more decoration.

Ok, I'm off for the week but will be back. Hopefully with good news on our project.

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My front porch is ready for Fall...

It's that time of year, time for the  Chrysanthemums to be proudly displayed on the front porches all around America.  And of course, I had to get mine.

My porch has so many terracotta and red colors so I had to choose Yellow Mums to brighten up the space. These two were placed out there only two days ago and were full of tiny buds and this morning they are blooming bright and so colorful.

I love living in Florida. Where can you see Fall Mums growing right beside Lemon, Limes and Orchids.?

Ya know, where I live Fall is a state of mind and if you put as many touches, like the ones we had when I lived up North, it helps, really! I'm even thinking of buying a bag of Fall leaves and scattering them around the potted plants.. (hmm, wind?)

I'm ready, bring on the Fall.

"Have a wonderful week everyone" 

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