Little man is now a proper "Robin"

 Just in time for Halloween! 
I told the story in a previous post how my little grandson and his brothers played costume and while the older boys had proper Batman and Spiderman costumes little Alex had the left over costume parts and would dress up and tell me "I'm Robin".  I felt so bad for the little guy and after I returned from my visit to their home in OKC I went on a "Robin" costume search. 

Thinking since the Halloween costume stores were all open this time of year, I'd find Robin.  Was I wrong!
The clerks all told me "Robin is not popular anymore" and none had a Robin.  So I bought the supplies needed in the craft store and got to work making one of my own.

 The best part Robin simply wore a red shirt with black cape. It was easy enough to recreate.  Since I needed to make a large black circle I used a cooking pot to trace shape.

Used simple paper to cut a letter R Stencil  and used craft paint to create the letter and tool belt.

 As for the mask, well that was just as easy.  I bought a simple party mask and cut it to the rounded shape Robin is famous for. A Black marker to paint around the white styro showing and it was perfect.

 The costume arrived at Alex's house this week and now my little man can battle with the best of them.
He was so surprised and happy! That makes this  grandma smile.

I've been at my daughters house in Jupiter the past few days helping her build her bedroom closet into something special.  We took this large dis-functional space'

So far so good, it's working and looking good.
I love to see women with power tools!

 Another day of closet building and I'll be sure to show the reveal in a few days. Cyndi is so happy and excited to complete this special project.
More to come!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Well now...doesn't he just look HEROIC?!

i LOVE the utility belt...{smile}...I'm currently in the process of altering a costume for my little Easton...he is going to be 'TOOTHLESS' from How to Train a Dragon...and big brother will be 'HICCUP' Their mom always pairs them up for Halloween.

Can't wait to see the finished looks like it is going to be great!

Have fun with the decorating and organizing part! Tools are fun too!

Pondside said...

There's no doubt that you are a Supermom and Super Grandma!

Anonymous said...

I love the job you did on the tshirt, very realistic!! Enjoy working with Cindy Sis... LOVE you

Katie "The Intern" said...

Such a cute idea! Looks fantastic!

Mumsy said...

That's such a great costume, looks good on him!