Wine and Pinterest....

Did you ever have an upcoming weekend that was filled with simply nothing?
In a perfect world, that is wonderful, right?
This is all I want to do.
Have a glass (or three) of wine.
(I'd like to thank my son for this great photo of his wine glass sitting out on the deck in Juneau)

 On another note,
Pinterest is making me fat and I need to stay out of there. Really, it's chock full of sweets. They may be nice but I need to stop making them (eating them)!  We need to see more old fashioned crafts!

 "Have a great weekend everyone"


Look how pretty and large they are....

 The storms come and go here in So Florida but my Caladium 
plants in the front yard are looking quite nice and are as happy as can be.
I love the look of the leaves and the wonderful red/burgundy color they have produced.
I guess they like soggy soil and lots of shade under the old Oak tree.

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