Just Had To Share Some Winter Photos . . .

Looking for the mailboxes.

"We found them!"

My son lives in Juneau, Alaska and wanted to share a few photos with me.  His friends two young boys were out after a few days of heavy snow and dug out the mailboxes.  The photos were taken just up the road from my sons home.

 These two young guys did a days work, don't you think?

I think of the days in Illinois when I used to shovel snow and it makes me so happy to remember why I moved to Florida.

How kind is winter being to you?
Stay warm and safe.


Thrift Store and Dumpster Diving....

I found the sweetest little ceramic bud vase, for $2.00,  in our local thrift store this week.
It's really 5 small vases rolled into one.


 I could only find one little rose bud out in the yard but it will be full' once spring comes and all the pernnials are blooming. 
It is Florida after all and the garden shops are full of annuals here. For some odd reason I can't seem to buy them.  I still have the Illinois frame of mind and can't   get into no change in seasons. So I create my own.
My mind says, "It's winter"!
  Yesterday it was in the high  80's and today overcast, rainy and in the 70's. Maybe I'll go buy a bouquet of flowers and put a few in my little bud vase.
It's the perfect size for my kitchen window sill.

While driving yesterday with my sister, I put on the brakes, to the dismay of the guy behind me, when I spotted this wonderful large basket sitting on the side of the road. My poor sister is not used to taking trash from ones garbage pile and when I asked her to get out and take the basket, you had to see her face.  "Me"!! "It's full of trash"!!
"Dump it" I said, "toss it in the back of the car".
We both were laughing so hard!

How could I possibly leave this treasure there?

I took the basket home and now my mind is full of ideas for it.  Not sure if I'll paint it because the color blue is really nice?
   I  washed it well and let it dry out in the sun.
I'll do a bit of thinking and will find the perfect place for this beautiful, heavy basket. In the mean time it will just sit in the dining room.

Tomorrow is garage sale day and I'll be out there looking for more goodies.

Happy Weekend Everyone!



Bringing Home "Miss Daisy"

This past few months my Sweet Senior Cat, Rikki has been showing signs of slowing down and her 17 years are starting to  take it's toll.  She needed some stimulation and I thought a new baby kitty might just do the trick.
I was so right!
This past week I rescued a 7 month old little girl  from the shelter.

When I first came in the kitchen with "Daisy" she did what most new kitty's do, investigate the entire area with out showing any fear.  She just walked  from room to room as though she knew where she was.  Then when she found the door to the cat box ( I keep the box in the heater room and the door is always ajar), out came Rikki.  It's been quite some time since Rikki has seen  a kitty and her first reaction was to hiss at the little one, but I'm so happy to say Daisy simply by passed Rikki and went right to the box.

Rikki's habits have changed since bringing Daisy home.  A lot!
She always spent her lazy days on the foot of my bed just looking out the balcony door but this past few days she has taken over my new sewing chair while  watching Daisy as she moves from room to room.
She also has taken residence in the storage room below my staircase and I find myself going in there and taking Rikki out about 4 times a day.  Rikki is stubborn to say the least!
 I'm sure she is thinking "The little brat will not find me here"!

This is where I drag her each time I take her out of the store room. Rikky can keep an eye on her new baby sister.

After only 5 days in her new home, Daisy is very happy and comfortable with us and this makes me smile.


This past two days Daisy has found the perfect vantage point  to watch all that go's on both up and down stairs.
When Rikki wants to come down, it's funny to watch her tip toe around her little sister.

A new problem has come up, Daisy found the bird cage and "Jack and Molly" are not too happy when she hops up on the table next to them.
That is another story. One I hope will solve it's self.

Have a great weekend!


For the Cat Lover..

My daughter, #1, is a Cat lover and she has quite a few items in her home telling just that.  
While at the quilt store recently I spotted the cutest fabric.

What could be more fun than a movie theater full of Cats tossing their pop corn and enjoying a movie!  My first thought was, "How cute this would be in a toss pillow"
Cyndi will love it!

Before making the pillow I did a bit of hand quilting, stitches over batting, around each kitty,  to give it a bit more poof.

I'll get it in the mail to Cyn sometime this week.
I know she loves surprise boxes and this pillow will be right up her alley.
(no pun intended) 

* * * * *

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