Thrift Store and Dumpster Diving....

I found the sweetest little ceramic bud vase, for $2.00,  in our local thrift store this week.
It's really 5 small vases rolled into one.


 I could only find one little rose bud out in the yard but it will be full' once spring comes and all the pernnials are blooming. 
It is Florida after all and the garden shops are full of annuals here. For some odd reason I can't seem to buy them.  I still have the Illinois frame of mind and can't   get into no change in seasons. So I create my own.
My mind says, "It's winter"!
  Yesterday it was in the high  80's and today overcast, rainy and in the 70's. Maybe I'll go buy a bouquet of flowers and put a few in my little bud vase.
It's the perfect size for my kitchen window sill.

While driving yesterday with my sister, I put on the brakes, to the dismay of the guy behind me, when I spotted this wonderful large basket sitting on the side of the road. My poor sister is not used to taking trash from ones garbage pile and when I asked her to get out and take the basket, you had to see her face.  "Me"!! "It's full of trash"!!
"Dump it" I said, "toss it in the back of the car".
We both were laughing so hard!

How could I possibly leave this treasure there?

I took the basket home and now my mind is full of ideas for it.  Not sure if I'll paint it because the color blue is really nice?
   I  washed it well and let it dry out in the sun.
I'll do a bit of thinking and will find the perfect place for this beautiful, heavy basket. In the mean time it will just sit in the dining room.

Tomorrow is garage sale day and I'll be out there looking for more goodies.

Happy Weekend Everyone!



Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, that is an adorable bud vase, have never seen one like that! It is so unique! I have to say, I can picture your sister going crazy when you asked her to hop out and get that basket with trash on the side of the road, too funny! I'm still chuckling, your sister is a great sport! Great basket!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I think the little vase is adorable.
I wish we could have all seen the look on your sister's face... priceless, I'm sure.
I'm glad you didn't change the color yet, I like the blue. Best to live with it for a while.
Perhaps TP holder for the bathroom or something. Isn't your bathroom blue now?


Karen said...

You always find the neatest things. I love that bud vase, I bet it will look stunning when it is all flowered up! And the basket is really neat too, I had a smile thinking of your poor sister trying to follow orders, lol.

Abby said...

Major score on the bud vase!

Vicki/Jake said...

Life in Florida...hmmmm. At least you find some cute things. Your sister sounds like someone you could really have fun with... :)