Bringing Home "Miss Daisy"

This past few months my Sweet Senior Cat, Rikki has been showing signs of slowing down and her 17 years are starting to  take it's toll.  She needed some stimulation and I thought a new baby kitty might just do the trick.
I was so right!
This past week I rescued a 7 month old little girl  from the shelter.

When I first came in the kitchen with "Daisy" she did what most new kitty's do, investigate the entire area with out showing any fear.  She just walked  from room to room as though she knew where she was.  Then when she found the door to the cat box ( I keep the box in the heater room and the door is always ajar), out came Rikki.  It's been quite some time since Rikki has seen  a kitty and her first reaction was to hiss at the little one, but I'm so happy to say Daisy simply by passed Rikki and went right to the box.

Rikki's habits have changed since bringing Daisy home.  A lot!
She always spent her lazy days on the foot of my bed just looking out the balcony door but this past few days she has taken over my new sewing chair while  watching Daisy as she moves from room to room.
She also has taken residence in the storage room below my staircase and I find myself going in there and taking Rikki out about 4 times a day.  Rikki is stubborn to say the least!
 I'm sure she is thinking "The little brat will not find me here"!

This is where I drag her each time I take her out of the store room. Rikky can keep an eye on her new baby sister.

After only 5 days in her new home, Daisy is very happy and comfortable with us and this makes me smile.


This past two days Daisy has found the perfect vantage point  to watch all that go's on both up and down stairs.
When Rikki wants to come down, it's funny to watch her tip toe around her little sister.

A new problem has come up, Daisy found the bird cage and "Jack and Molly" are not too happy when she hops up on the table next to them.
That is another story. One I hope will solve it's self.

Have a great weekend!


Charlotte said...

Oh, this made me miss my cat! I need to think about getting another. Love the cat pillow!

Gail said...

It just takes some time. Rikky has been the Queen for a while now.

What beautiful large eyes your new Daisy has.

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

So cute! Congrats on your newest addition. Rikki looks my old lady Annie who is going on 12. Since we brought home our kitten this past summer, she is much more active than I ever expected. They'll be buddies before you know it. Ours still have their sisterly spats but I catch them sleeping close to each other too ;)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what a cute cat, she is alllll eyes! I got my cat when he was a couple years old, I kind of like to by pass the kitten stage


Karen said...

Sandy, what a cute new addition to your family! Daisy is such a pretty girl and Rikki may have her nose out of joint for a bit, but I bet she will come around eventually.

the cape on the corner said...

so sweet! i hope they get along well together soon.

Vicki/Jake said...

Hi Sandy, just doing a blog catch up and wanted to say I love the post about your son, what an amazing man, you have every right to brag:) The pillow is cute too and it will be fun to hear more of the cat-antics going on in your house...Hope you had a great weekend. I'll come visit again soon.