Found Junk Pile Floor Lamp

My first real attempt at recovering a lamp shade with sheer fabric turned out pretty well.  I wanted the light to be bright so I pulled out a scrap sheer fabric left over from the drapes I made months ago.
This old floor lamp was laying on the side of the road in a trash heap.  At first I was going to leave it there but then I felt it was crying out to me to take it home. Was pitiful really because I have trouble leaving such a treasure.

 It's lamp shade was made of a fau sorta leather/plastic and very yellow with age. 
The first thing I had to do was paint the lamp stand that was in good working order. I can move the top portion to bring the light back and forth with the hinge.    It was rusting in spots so I gave it a quick cleaning then used that wonderful invention, 
"Spray Paint"

 I know this pitiful lamp was sending out my praises to the "Big lamp in the sky"

The next step was to re cover the shade. 
Was easy as cutting off the existing yellowish fabric/leather/plastic stuff! 

I  measured the sheer fabric to size then hand stitched it to the wire frame.

 Afraid using glue would leave residue and show through the sheer fabric, hand stitching was the only way.

Then I added a bit of decoration to the shade

The lamp sits next to my sewing table and really lets the light shine through.  
My eyes say Thank You!

Another piece of trash kept out of the landfills.
This is indeed a good thing.

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February 3rd, Wear your Red for The Number One KILLER of Women, Heart Disease

February is traditionally the month we all celebrate Valentines Day but we also are celebrating "Our Hearts".

 February 3rd is the day we all get together and kick up our heels to get the word out about the 
Number One KILLER of Women! 
"Heart Disease"
 Are you part of a group that goes red — and beyond? Is your cubicle a sea of red? Do you even plaster your pooch in red?

 I'm Sandy and the "Wonders of Doing" is my blog.  I speak from experience.  
For weeks I walked around saying to myself "Something is not right"?  I woke in the night thinking I had saran wrap in my lungs and could not get a full breath? I was only 54 yrs old and refused to get my heart health screenings... then one night the EMS took me away. 
"Heart Failure and you have 3 months to live"!!
That was 6 years ago and now I'm doing great with my third Pacemaker/Defib implanted in my chest.  My heart is happy with it's new friend that kicks in when ever it gets tired of working on it's own.
Scarey, yes!  But it's so nice to be alive!

I am offering one simple thing for you to remember 
My first Cardiologist sent me home with 3 months to live!!  Then the second doctor, from the "Heart And Vascular Institute of Florida" helped me and now he is saying,
"I'm his Miracle Child"
((Dr. Walsh, YOU ARE MY HERO))

5 Simple Heart-Healthy Energy Boosters

  1. Move more. In the short term, increasing physical activity to increase energy seems counterintuitive. In the long term, it works. You don’t have to be a marathoner to see benefits. Just start where you are and do more. If you don’t exercise, walk around the block and gradually work up from there.  Your goal should be to get 30 minutes of brisk activity on five days a week for a total of at least 150 minutes per week. You don’t have to do all 30 minutes at once. Three 10-minutes hikes in a day works too. If you try to do too much too fast, you might get hurt, so start slowly and stick with it. Get more tips on getting healthier through physical activity.
  2. Eat smart. Eat fresh fruit and veggies; the calcium and potassium they contain is good for energy. If you need a quick snack during the day, keep a serving or two of your favorite fruit or vegetable handy wherever you are.  Avoid big meals; heavy, fatty foods can leave you feeling groggy. Eating smaller and more frequent meals will help balance out your energy and blood sugar levels over the course of the day.  Whole grain fiber-rich foods are a great filler-upper.  Fiber causes food to stay in your stomach longer, so you feel full longer than with quick fixes like coffee, high-calorie energy bars and candy — which rely on caffeine and sugar — and can lead to energy spikes and crashes.) Drink lots of water, too. Dehydration reduces energy levels. Read our 5 Goals to Eating Healthy.
  3. Sleep. How much is enough? Each person is different. Most adults need around seven hours, but you may need more. You need quality sleep, too. If you have sleep apnea, a condition that causes you wake up many times during the night, you won’t get the quality sleep you need and may feel sleepy all day. Heavy snoring is a major sign of sleep apnea. If your spouse or partner says you snore or that you periodically stop breathing for brief periods during sleep, tell your doctor. Sleep apnea can put you at risk for stroke.
  4. Lose a few. Carrying around extra pounds saps energy. It creates extra work for your heart and can raise blood pressure, too. Increasing your physical activity and eating a healthier diet to burn more calories than you take in is the way to go. Steer clear of fad diets; they don’t work. Learn our 5 Goals to Losing Weight.
  5. Lighten up. Stress is an inevitable part of life. That’s why learning to manage it is important. Successfully managing stress means keeping a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle, which helps fight energy-sapping depression. To take care of yourself, try taking physical activity breaks, meditating, taking time off and doing things you like. Avoid unhealthy ways to manage stress, include smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, overeating and relying on stimulants. Avoid these. Learn to fight stress by developing these healthy habits.
Most people who want more energy can get it. Following the steps above is a good start. You’ll feel more energetic, and feel better overall. You’ll also reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke. 

 "Wear Red Day"
February 3rd
The number one Killer of Women is Heart Disease. 
"Celebrate Our Heart Ladies"
Roll Out Your Red!


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