Sunday Tips

 I'd like to share a few "Tips" with you today. Ones I think we all can use
If your like me, your always looking for "The Easy Way" to get things done and I have a few you might find very useful.  The first one is a "Necessity"!

 Did you or a family member ever drop your "Cell Phone" in water.. or forget it's in your pocket and jump in the pool?

Well here is a great tip...

Get the phone out of the water fast...then  turn "Off" the phone... Take out the "Battery" Then put all the parts in a zip baggie full of "Dried Rice"... leave it over night.  The "Rice" absorbs the water and the phone will be just fine.
Who knew?

Tired of your "Plastic Wrap" sticking to everything except the dish?
Try this tip!  Store the wrap in the freezer and take it out when needed.
Plastic Wrap is usually made from vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, which makes it slightly adhesive.
Exposing the wrap to cold air "Freezes" these compounds, so it won't stick to itself as you pull out a sheet.
But when you press the wrap over a container it will quickly warm up and regain it's cling.
No more frustrations with this sticky stuff!

Do you have trouble keeping your "Hands and Nails" clean after a day out in the yard pulling weeds? 

You know, when it takes a lot of washing and brushing/digging, to get the dirt out from under your finger nails!
Try this great tip my mom told me many years ago. Keep a jar of "Vaseline" on your potting table.
Yes, just dip your fingernails into the "Vaseline" being sure to get it under your nails. Then rub the remaining Vaseline on as you would hand lotion... Slip hands into your gardening gloves. 
Or if your like me,, I seem to forget the gloves, but do put the "Vaseline" under my nails each time I head out to do a bit of yard work... It's not as messy as you may think!
Then when your finished, simply wash your hands with your favorite soap... your nails will not have dirt stuck under them.

Love sitting outside in the Summer Evenings, but the "Mosquitoes" keep bothering you?

Try this tip..... Use a "Yellow Light Bulb" where your sitting and use a "White Light Bulb"
at a distance from you and your chair.. like out in the yard.
 "Mosquitoes" have a hard time seeing "Yellow Bulbs"  and will go for the "White Light Bulb"
Bye Bye Mosquitoes!

Do you love to bake bread, like I do'  and your dough never rises the way it should?

Try "My" tip...  When your recipe calls for "One packet of Yeast", use "Two" instead of "One".  I found the "Taste" of the bread is not altered in any way.  I put the "Yeast" in 1/4c of warm tap water and set aside for about 10 minutes or until it's all bubbly.  
You will find the dough rises much faster if you set it on a warm counter with a clean towel over it. Then just ignore, for about an hour....

Thats my tips for this "Sunday"....hope they work for you too.

If you have some "Tips" of your own, and would like to share them with us. Simply add them to the 'comments' below. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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French Bread Glass Roll

I love to "Bake Bread" and for quite a while I've been searching for a "French Bread Maker"....
After going "On Line" and searching the better department stores, this past weekend I walked into a busy
"Garage Sale", and  "There it was".. just sitting on a table, way back inside the garage, "Waiting for me"....
At first I thought it was going to be a bit more money than I wanted to pay. They are in the $40.00 range in the better stores..

I was watching a woman looking it over.. then putting it down... then another woman came upon it. 

I crept closer and finally had my turn. I squirmed between a few other women,  saw the price tag and snatched it as fast as I could...
Yes, that is what the tag said  "Three Dollars"

If you have never worked with one of these little charmers, you must give it a try!
Mine broke a few years ago and I was never able to replace it.

First you make your favorite bread recipe, let it rise the first time in a bowl, then you butter the glass tube, dust with corn meal and insert the bread dough into it.

Yes, you make the bread dough as you normally would... kneed, rise, punch down, then place it into the tube and let rise "in the tube". When I looked at it after the hour of 'rising', it was sticking out both sides. I did cut off the extra and rolled again  into a loaf pan for a second loaf to bake. (I put too much dough into the tube).

The tube then sets into the 'wire rack' that comes with it.... Bake as you would for normal bread on the center rack, in the oven.
The best part... it was only "$3.00"

Sorry to say, the bread that was baked into my 'Never used Bread Tube"    Yes it was never used. The lady said, "Her daughter bought it for here as a gift and she does not like to bake!  My gain!
The bread I made... Well, I took the bread out of the tube, placed it on a wire rack to cool, then I ran to the store only to come home to find "Mr. Neither" had eaten the majority of it. He is addicted to 'Fresh Baked Bread".  So, I'll have to bake another, and show you the results another time. Besides, this is about "My Garage Sale Find" for the week, not the bread.

It even had the original instructions with it!
Wonder what I'll find this week?

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In Memory "USCG"

We are a "US Coast Guard" Family and have Sad News

July 7 Coast Guard chopper 6017 based out of Alaska crashed off the
coast of Washington State. There was only one survivor and three
Coasties lost their lives.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these fine men.


Rainy Season in Florida

Animal control told me, "This is no Bob Cat", it's a "Panther"...
Ew ew ew ew!

I was standing on my upstairs balcony about 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday and I had to do a double take at what I was looking at, just slowly walking around my back yard!  Now I  have my yard registered with the "National Wildlife Federation" as a "Back Yard Habitat",  but I never dreamed I'd see a "Bob Cat"!

Now I knew that "Bob Cats" and the "Florida Panther" were 'free roamers' but not in my neighborhood!  The photo above is a 'google stock' photo.. I went through many images until I found one  that most looked like what I saw.
Back to my story..
When I first stood there watching this really beautiful 'Cat' walking around, looking into every planter I have out there, I realized the neighbor kids were playing in their yard!  I froze!  
Then my "Mom Mode" took over and I flew down the stairs and out the front door two houses down, in my jammies, and banged on their door!   Now these kids are young... 3-5 and 6 years old and they always play out back.... 
I remember the first thing I said was  "Hi, there is a 'Bob Cat' out back, and before I could say, "I hear your kids out there"... three people got off the sofa and flew out their back door...leaving me standing there!.. 
I wanted a photo so I rushed home and  ran back up to the balcony!  Well I had my cell phone in my hand and I'm sorry to say, "it took really bad photos"
The kids father came over a bit later, thanking me for the warning!  He looked flustered to say the least.. we walked out back but the 'Cat' was gone into the woods... 
"What a beautiful creature"   I've seen them in the Zoos but not walking around my yard!
She did look hungry,  Infact, "skinny is how she looked"   no wonder I have not seen bunnies out there in a while.. they always came out in the mornings for my carrots....
I think I'll not go out there in the dark anymore......
I had no idea if we were to 'report' seeing these creatures,,, if only to warn the neighborhood to be on the look out for "Bob Cat's" on the prowl?  I did call "Animal Control" but they said, "They were surprised this is the first one I've seen. Just don't let your pets and small children out"... Very unconcerned!

 "Hawaiian Hoya"

Every June we in Florida have "Rainy Season" settle upon us.
I remember as a kid, when my family had a home in Miami, we would walk home from school in the "Rain"... yes, the sky would open up each day around 3 in the afternoon,, really, every day! Sometimes it would downpour for about an hour then the sun would come out, and it was still raining.
We moved away from Florida and I spent the next 30 years in other places only to come back to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area, during the "Rainy Season" and "It rained for 23 days straight!  I totally forgot about this rain!


I walked out on the deck this morning to find my "Hoya" plant in bloom.  Although I have 5 plants around the yard, this one I gave a name "Bloomie"... She blooms on a regular basis, about every three months.

The Hoya Plant is one of the easiest plants to grown.  The wax plant, or shooting star, is a vine that loves to be ignored.  They do very well in hanging baskets, both indoors and out. The little blooms are called Umbels.  They come in a variety of shapes and colors.  Mine have very "Pink" blooms. The books say "fragrant" but mine, "I smell nothing?" 
When you feel this little 'star flower' it has the feeling of 'bone china'... so sweet and the flower will last about a week or two!

Today, out back, my yard feels and looks and smells like a 'Rain forest'... all the vegetation is lush and green, just dripping with rain!  So beautiful!  
The "Bob Cat" must have a family out there somewhere...hmmmm? 
I do hope he/she enjoys my yard as much as I do!

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Rained all weekend

It rained all weekend here.. but most of the "Fireworks" went on as planned... 
You know, as much as I love the 'Fireworks', it's just not the same without
my children.. Such wonderful days when they were small,, sleeping on my shoulder or
standing there 'All wide eyed' at the delight of the sky'!

I made a "Door Sign" a few weeks ago for my daughters family. 
Liked it so much, "I had to make another".. What better thing to do on a "Rainy Day"

I stayed home and worked on my "Front Door Sign"
Wonder what my neighbor will think now that it's on the door?
He is the one that told me about 3 years ago.. "Your yard is looking like Trailer Park"
Now, he is an old guy, rides around in his wheel chair so I have to show a bit of respect.. holding my tongue is hard! 


I found a scrap of wood from another project .. did not even have to cut it... "perfect"....
Painted it white,,, used the left over letters from the sign I made for my  daughters family. 
The only thing I had to buy were the 'little Butterfly's'... love those critters!  I'll have to do a post on the many "Butterflys" I have out back... If they will let me take their photos! 
The butterfly's for the sign were simply 'rub on's'...  I did use the "Mod Podge" to seal it all. 
Added the little screw on circles,, then the twine to hang it... 
Sometimes I feel like a little kid, when I make something like this.. Whats even better,, "It's for me"

My daughter said, "You need to take orders Mom"... I don't think I want to sit and paint signs all day,, well, maybe for a few really close friends!

There,, Smack Dab in the front of the house sitting on my bench!
Can't miss it!

"Come on !   Mr. Your yard looks like a trailer park man"!

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