Sunday Tips

 I'd like to share a few "Tips" with you today. Ones I think we all can use
If your like me, your always looking for "The Easy Way" to get things done and I have a few you might find very useful.  The first one is a "Necessity"!

 Did you or a family member ever drop your "Cell Phone" in water.. or forget it's in your pocket and jump in the pool?

Well here is a great tip...

Get the phone out of the water fast...then  turn "Off" the phone... Take out the "Battery" Then put all the parts in a zip baggie full of "Dried Rice"... leave it over night.  The "Rice" absorbs the water and the phone will be just fine.
Who knew?

Tired of your "Plastic Wrap" sticking to everything except the dish?
Try this tip!  Store the wrap in the freezer and take it out when needed.
Plastic Wrap is usually made from vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, which makes it slightly adhesive.
Exposing the wrap to cold air "Freezes" these compounds, so it won't stick to itself as you pull out a sheet.
But when you press the wrap over a container it will quickly warm up and regain it's cling.
No more frustrations with this sticky stuff!

Do you have trouble keeping your "Hands and Nails" clean after a day out in the yard pulling weeds? 

You know, when it takes a lot of washing and brushing/digging, to get the dirt out from under your finger nails!
Try this great tip my mom told me many years ago. Keep a jar of "Vaseline" on your potting table.
Yes, just dip your fingernails into the "Vaseline" being sure to get it under your nails. Then rub the remaining Vaseline on as you would hand lotion... Slip hands into your gardening gloves. 
Or if your like me,, I seem to forget the gloves, but do put the "Vaseline" under my nails each time I head out to do a bit of yard work... It's not as messy as you may think!
Then when your finished, simply wash your hands with your favorite soap... your nails will not have dirt stuck under them.

Love sitting outside in the Summer Evenings, but the "Mosquitoes" keep bothering you?

Try this tip..... Use a "Yellow Light Bulb" where your sitting and use a "White Light Bulb"
at a distance from you and your chair.. like out in the yard.
 "Mosquitoes" have a hard time seeing "Yellow Bulbs"  and will go for the "White Light Bulb"
Bye Bye Mosquitoes!

Do you love to bake bread, like I do'  and your dough never rises the way it should?

Try "My" tip...  When your recipe calls for "One packet of Yeast", use "Two" instead of "One".  I found the "Taste" of the bread is not altered in any way.  I put the "Yeast" in 1/4c of warm tap water and set aside for about 10 minutes or until it's all bubbly.  
You will find the dough rises much faster if you set it on a warm counter with a clean towel over it. Then just ignore, for about an hour....

Thats my tips for this "Sunday"....hope they work for you too.

If you have some "Tips" of your own, and would like to share them with us. Simply add them to the 'comments' below. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Granny J said...

Great tips. I especially like the one about the plastic wrap. I love it but hate trying to pull some off the roll. Now I know the trick to making it easier to use.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I had a friend who dropped his phone in the pool and put it in a bag of rice and .....your right it worked the next day! I like the yeast and saran wrap trick!


Average Girl said...

wow! love the tidbits, especially about those freaking mosquitos!

Lourie said...

Hmmm...never new that about the rice. Very cool. I have some...

Wrap celery in foil to keep ir crisp and fresh

Wrap lettuce in paper towels to keep fresh.

Light a candle when cutting onion to keep your eyes from tearing up.

Rub a spoon over your hands to eliminate the onion smell.

Debbie said...

Well, these are great! I wish that I had known the cell phone one BEFORE we purchased a replacement for my daughter a while back.

And I love the bug light one.

Faith said...

I do like to make bread, do it that aroma....humidity and temperature two variables which affect the rising. Never tried the 2 pks, if I ever need to, will give it a try.

Kuzak's Closet said...

These are awesome tips! Thanks for linking up to Sister Sister Sunday! Come back this week,