Rained all weekend

It rained all weekend here.. but most of the "Fireworks" went on as planned... 
You know, as much as I love the 'Fireworks', it's just not the same without
my children.. Such wonderful days when they were small,, sleeping on my shoulder or
standing there 'All wide eyed' at the delight of the sky'!

I made a "Door Sign" a few weeks ago for my daughters family. 
Liked it so much, "I had to make another".. What better thing to do on a "Rainy Day"

I stayed home and worked on my "Front Door Sign"
Wonder what my neighbor will think now that it's on the door?
He is the one that told me about 3 years ago.. "Your yard is looking like Trailer Park"
Now, he is an old guy, rides around in his wheel chair so I have to show a bit of respect.. holding my tongue is hard! 


I found a scrap of wood from another project .. did not even have to cut it... "perfect"....
Painted it white,,, used the left over letters from the sign I made for my  daughters family. 
The only thing I had to buy were the 'little Butterfly's'... love those critters!  I'll have to do a post on the many "Butterflys" I have out back... If they will let me take their photos! 
The butterfly's for the sign were simply 'rub on's'...  I did use the "Mod Podge" to seal it all. 
Added the little screw on circles,, then the twine to hang it... 
Sometimes I feel like a little kid, when I make something like this.. Whats even better,, "It's for me"

My daughter said, "You need to take orders Mom"... I don't think I want to sit and paint signs all day,, well, maybe for a few really close friends!

There,, Smack Dab in the front of the house sitting on my bench!
Can't miss it!

"Come on !   Mr. Your yard looks like a trailer park man"!

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a cute sign. GRRR to the trailer park remark. You know its charming and it makes you happy!! Hope you have a good week!!

Debbie said...

I'm giggling right now at your "C'mon looks like a trailer park man..."

I think your sign is adorable and love it! I think it looks like summer whimsy.

Still giggling...

Wendy said...

You absolutely could make them and sell them! It is adorable!

I think every neighborhood as at least one grump (don't think that is a word)! Wonder if he'll notice your beautiful sign?


Lourie said...

Pffft! A trailer park in deed! Love the sign!

June said...

Your sign is so cute!!! What a naughty neighbor you have!
Thank you so much for the message you left about my garden. It's nice to meet a fellow gardener.

FEDERICA said...

Just a quick note to wish you a lovely and sunny day :-)

Southern Fried Gal said...

Sounds like you have a busy body on your hands! Your sign is adorable. We had a wonderful 4th but honestly I wish we had gotten a bit more rain.

As for the kiddo - I know I will turn around one day and he'll be all grown up. Thanks for reminding me to cherish the memories now.

Thanks for linking to my impromptu party! Have a great week!