Sunday Thoughts, "The Value of Time"

To realize
The value of a  sister/brother
Ask  someone
Who doesn't have one.

To  realize
The value of ten  years:
Ask a  newly
Divorced couple.

To  realize
The value of  four years:
Ask a  graduate.

To  realize
The value of one  year:
Ask a student  who
Has failed a  final exam.

To  realize
The value of  nine months:
Ask a mother who  gave birth to a  stillborn.

To  realize
The value of one  month:
Ask a  mother
Who has given  birth to
A premature  baby.

To  realize
The value of one  week:
Ask an editor of  a weekly  newspaper.

To  realize
The value of one  minute:
Ask a  person
Who has missed  the train, bus or  plane..

To  realize
The value of  one-second:
Ask a  person
Who has survived an  accident.

Time waits for  no one.

Treasure every  moment you have.

"Happy Birthday America"


Lourie said...

You have done it again! My dear friend had her baby at 32 weeks. He is tiny but super strong and almost to his corrected age. I also had a preemie...she is 10 now.

And here's one more...for a friend I had who lost her baby....

To realize the value of 80 days,
Ask the mother who lost her baby to SIDS.

Happy 4th to you and yours.

miss corner cape said...

i really like that, thanks so much for sharing that.

enjoy your day!

Jenny said...

This was such a beautiful post!!!

Thank you for reminding me to treasure every moment that I have!

Debbie said...

I love this! So well put.