Trash Frames.


I was passing a house one day, and noticed these two,  really large (22x28") frames just leaning against the trash can... "You know I could not leave them there"!  They were in great shape, heavy and had very old prints inside....
My first thoughts were to use one of the frames for a  "Lithograph" I have had just rolled up in the closet for a few years.. (It was framed, but that frame was broken during our move to Florida)

           This  "Lithograph" was something I have had since my brother passed away in 1986... it was very special to him and I was fortunate to get it from his belongings. It is a copy of a famous painting , "He ain't heavy Father, he's my Brother", he bought it while on a visit to "Boys Town" in Nebraska... I'll tell the story behind this another time.

Well, I changed my mind about using this frame for the lithograph,  it was a bit too large. Then got the bright idea to make a "Collage" from the many photos I have collected over the years.

I'm sure many of you remember the "Vintage Cameras"... how we took the 'Film' and put it into our cameras, then took the film to the drug store to be developed!  We ended up with many photos, in both albums and boxes, put in storage some where! I remember the one or two prints that were 'mistakes'.  You know the ones, of the floor, or someones shoulder and not their face... How we didn't  want to toss them, so into the box they went...

The funny part of the process, "We all ended up with many photos in one roll, that we just did not want!
I went through my photos.. some were my moms, some my sisters, what a large amount I had.  Today all my favorite old photos are kept on my "Hard Drive" just in case!

The frames were in great shape but the wood was rather faded and needed a 'face lift'.. I simply used the sandpaper to smooth and remove the grime of the years.  As for the 'glass' in the frame.. I washed them well with dish soap and ended up with teeny tiny cuts on my fingertips.. they were sharp!

I then mixed  a bit of brown craft paint in glaze and painted the wood.  Wiped off a bit where it was much too dark... turned out perfect.

The next step was to 'park myself' on the living room floor, with my favorite "Soap Opera" on the TV.   With scissors in hand,  away I went through the 'Box of Photos"... 

It was sorta fun, "Cutting  all those photos", saving only the image of the  person I wanted to see!

Now many of you might not like the idea of  "Cutting the old photos"  but I thought "These photos have not been seen in years,  "Get them out of the box"  
I told my oldest daughter what I did and her reaction was what I expected, "You cut all those photos!"

I made "two", of these "Collages".. I rather like them and took one up on the landing of the stair case. I simply stood  it on the bookcase, until I can get them hung on the stair case wall. (bit too high for me).

The new "Digital Cameras" are a wonder to me.. "No more Film"!!  You know, I found 5 old used cans of film that were never developed,, "I simply closed my eyes and trashed them"... after 9 years in the drawer, I really did not care to know or pay for what was on them!  Oh Well!
What the heck,, let me see if I can get a chair high enough to hang these myself,  may be a while until I can get anyone to do this for me.

Don't you just love other peoples "Trash"!


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by the swing we truly appreciate your support!
Captain John is a 100 ton Master Captain, and was out by the spill most of June. He was brought inshore to help with the VOO program startup here in Mississippi.
Please let your son know how much we appreciate his contribution to our Gulf, it is really mine........
Lived here 39 years, it's all I know!

Unknown said...

Hi Sandy, Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner about the beadboard and your Masterbath. I think you can Liquid Nails the beadboard to the tile on the tub divider. and the box you make to go over the front of the tub. I thought the taupe looked nice with white and blue. Kinda warmed it up. The in colors up here are the blue,white,brown,and grey in a beach theme. You could scatter white throw rugs on the floor.

Lourie said...

The spill just sickens me. It's awful. They were showing some coastline footage from Alex and it was brown and mucky. Sad.

I love your trash frames and the turned out beautifully!! I would totally cut the pictures too. Besides isn't that what we do with scrapbooking?

Debbie said...

The oil spill continues to sicken me day by day.

I love what you did with the old frames (which were quite a score btw) I would probably have scanned a copy before cutting, yes... a ridiculous thing to do but I'm a hoarder.

I need to gut up to things and be able to just cut them like you did. I love the results! I'll bet people just stand there enjoying the little treasures that they find in the collages.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Happy 4th of July! I am visiting via Tatertots. I love your photo project. It is a great way to display prints and enjoy the memories.

Debbiedoos said...

I sure do love others peoples GOOD trash. Amazing to me what people find as what your creative mind did to it. Thanks Susan for joining in on the party! Enjoy your weekend. Debbie

Decor To Adore said...

Oh I REALLY adore this project. It is going into my style file for sure!

Happy 4th of July!

Unknown said...

Yes, I love other people's "good" trash. Cutting photos always makes me cringe (a little), but at least they are out on display now to enjoy...great project!

Sue said...

You've created today's ever popular mosaic collage out of yesterday's photos! How fun to go through old pictures and decide what and who you wanted to feature in this. I remember my mother having an old film camera- I bought one at a vintage store just like it and have it on display. Bet she still has hers in a closet somewhere...

Prior said...

I love to make something out of cast offs, this is great, now you can enjoy the memories every time you see them... LEzlee

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love what you did with the frames and old photos. I am in the process of cleaning the clutter out of a room, and am coming across lots of photos and I think there are some frames. I am not very crafty, though, and don't remember what kind of glue you use for making a collage.

I did just buy some unused photo frames from a garage sale, and told my kids and husband I want us to go through our photos and each of us pick some to put in the frames.

I remember cringing when a friend threw some photos away. This was back when we had to take the film in to get it developed. I'm thinking I may want to consider getting rid of some that didn't turn out.

I love your blog template, too, by the way.