The Blue Waters of Tampa Bay

 Photo courtesy Tom Pauser

 "Now this is blue"
  "The Great White Egret" sitting on the rail of "The Pier" looking into the Tampa Bay
St. Petersburg, Florida

 My son came for a surprise visit on this day and we took a drive down to St. Pete and walked out on"The Pier"
Surprisingly enough this Pier is slated to be demolished in 2014. Yes a new one will go in it's place but this one is a landmark and will be missed.  There are shops and a food court along with an aquarium on the top floor.  A wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the weather.
We found the Egret  just sitting there posing by the blue waters.

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Day three of the back yard transformation and my grandson's wrapped tight to his mom.

 My girl sent me a photo today of her new baby, just 3 weeks old.   She is using the baby wrap I made for her and she loves it.  Gina is the kind of mom that holds her new born all day long.  She is a busy mom and homeschools her kids.  As most of you know this is baby boy #4 for her and she did this with all her children.  I love how she wraps her baby's and keeps them close to her body for the first two months.  She lets them tell her when they want to venture out.
 I remember the day about 3 months ago when Gina sent me a photo of a wrap she found on the net.  "Mom, they want $80.00 for it"... "Will you make me one"?  Sure I said and after looking at the photo I bought 6 yards of a light jersey fabric and made her two.  (I paid all of $24.00 for it)   I remember when I finished making it I thought the length was much too long but after wrapping it on myself it was perfect.  It's made  to wrap a small baby in so many different ways.  It's very light and airy.  She loves it and that is all that matters to me.

 Let me share a little trick.
 When I first wake up in the morning I usually turn on my music while I read my e's and get the coffee made.   My iPod is in my phone where I have all my music stored.  I put the iPhone  in a glass... amazing how it amplifies the music.  It's like having a great speaker attached.   I also do this when using my phone on speaker which I do while cooking or other household chores.  It makes the callers voice so much clearer.

Then after breakfast on to day three of my back yard transformation.
I have been working on the perimeter and wanted to get as much done as I could today. Our weather is going to change after 5 days of beautiful sunshine and 70 degree temps.  They say "big storms coming for the next two days"....   My thoughts on thisGood  I need to stay indoors and clean my house before next week.  I'm going in the hospital for a bit of  female repair work.  It's just something I've been putting off  but needs doing.  I'll be laid up about a week after an over night stay.  So I got busy on the yard.  I moved the bromeliads from down by the creek nearer the deck.  They don't need any work at all and will fill in an awkward spot that gets no water or sun.  I love it when they bloom.

  Then I put in Azalea bushes along the deck.  I've been wanting to do this for several years now.  I think I missed the blooming season for these new bushes but next spring it should look wonderful.  The mulch is sitting in bags just waiting for me to finish putting it down.  Of the 25 bags I bought this week I have 4 left, hope it's going to be enough?

Depending on when the rain begins I might get a few more hours in the yard tomorrow?  Then all I need to do is add a few more flowering plants in a few weeks, and it's finished for the year.

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It's April and that means it's really Spring.....

 I'm so happy to welcome "April".  That means the end of winter and warmer weather is upon us once again.  I'm really not looking forward to the above 90 days but you will all have to agree, this has been one cold winter.

 You think I would have learned something from last week when I damaged my back after lifting  20 bags of Red Mulch from the car to the back yard.  I got them from the HD (they were on sale for $1.00, how could I not?)  Well this morning I saw Lowe's flyer and they had them on sale for .99c and off I went to get more.. 
My back had 4 days rest and feels great and I didn't  do any heavy lifting or bending today, because the mulch stayed in my car till the Mr. got home.   
 The mulch was such a bargain how could I not get more!
  I did spread 5 bags in one of the planting beds. 
That was enough for today.
 While I was out sitting on the deck enjoying a good cup of coffee,  in this wonderful weather,  I noticed how the topiary plant was starting to take over the Hickory tree.  This is a teeny leaf variety of the Buxus microphylla japonica family – Japanese Boxwood plant.  I planted two 6" plants at the base of this large tree  and they have really started to take off.  My plan was to totally encase the tree and my deck staircase.
 It's doing it's job but sure takes a long time.  I read where the topiaries at Disney, you know all the cute animals they have, well they can take up to 10 years to totally cover the frames before they are put on display in their gardens.

 Mine is now going on 6 years.
The Hickory tree is about 3 stories tall and the vine has really climbed up there.  Since I have no control it's just doing what it wants.  It's just not wrapping around the large trunk as planned, but it sure looks good.

The sun has helped sprout my  herb seeds.  I use a lot in cooking and try to maintain them all winter. I normally put them outside by day but this past week I have been letting them stay outside all night.

Wishing everyone clear skies and sunny days with warm temps because we deserve it!

"Happy April" 

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