Only 4 months till....

You guessed it... "Christmas".

I know, I know, you don't want to hear about "Christmas" while "It's hot and sticky out",  but you know as well as I,  how fast it sneaks up on us. Now is the time to start all those crafty projects.

I started some "Christmas Ornaments" for my kids... "Cross Stitch" has been my constant companion for the past week.. another project will be joining me in the Doctors waiting room tomorrow.

I'll tell you about this one another time

"My garage sale find"

I found a "Cross Stitch Kit" at a garage sale about two months ago, for all of .50cents and thought "It's time to get started with all the little things that take time"....

The nice part, these little 'rounds' are fast and easy... the only change I made was  adding my grandsons names to them... then I used some left over fabric for the backing, put batting in the center of each and zigged around with the sewing maching.. simple enough!  Oh, I also put some red twine inside for the ornament hanger.

A bit of ribbon for decoration... that should be it!  Ready to store away for the "Xmas Box" that will be mailed in November to "Guam".
I've got about 6 different Christmas projects in the works and really like the idea of starting months before December rolls around.. You know how it is when the "Season" is staring us in the face and were not ready....

So, get out your needles ladies.. time to work on "Christmas"

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