"Easter 2010"

I wanted to wish all my friends and family a very
"Happy Easter" 
A special wish out to my Mom, Easter
was her favorite holiday.... 
"May all your chocolate wishes come true"


I want to win "Bertie"....... really bad!

I want so much to win ....... it's a giveaway and the grand prize... a "Kitchen Aid Mixer named Bertie"!!!

Over at "Mayhem and Moxie" they are having a giveaway and the prizes are really great.... from Birthday party packages.. to this really great "Kitchen Aid Mixer"... and I have done all the steps except this one...

Tell what I would do with this mixer... this is much too easy... "I'd be mixing and baking up a storm" is what I'd be doing...

I'll tell you.. I do have a "Classic Kitchen Aid Mixer".. had it for years but the electrical cord is burnt and I have had it duct taped for a long time... not sure if it's dangerous but I'm still using it !  I so love this mixer and I so want the new one.. really bad!

The first thing I'm going to do when I win this baby is buy myself the "Pasta Maker"... I love to make my own!
Ok.. I think I did all the steps... so here I go!   
                          Oh.. one more thing.... thank you for this opportunity and a very "Happy Birthday"!!!