"Ginas new Pin Cushion".....

My daughter has been learning the fine art of 'crafting and stitching' . I found out she keeps her pins and needles in their little 'plastic conainers', you know, the ones that they'r sold in... Feeling sorry for her and knowing, in time she will loose most of those pins, I thought of making her a 'Pin Cushion".

I first 'cross stitched' a little design then went to "JoAnns" fabric store for a heavy fabric, in her brown colors. She loves the 'soft sea colors of blue/green'. I thought of a pin cushion that would have little pockets to hold her needles and thimble. Don't want those little guys getting lost! The fabric is a 'tapstery' and will hold up to all the abuse we 'sewers' give our supplies....

After sewing it together I left a very small opening for the 'polifill stuffing'. I might also add, "I used a rather crude square of 'cardboard' inside to keep the pins from going all the way down, and as you know sometimes the pins and needles 'get lost' in there, the cardboard acts as a 'stop' for them. Notice, I patiently pushed the 'polifill' in with a pencil.
I then 'hand stitched' the opening closed. As you can see, I over stuffed because in time, 'it will flaten out'.

Notice the little 'pockets' on the side.. "We all need pockets on our "Pin cushions"!
I then opted to add a bit of flare with little beeds in brown and green....hand stitched, just to the 4 corners.
I think it's time for me to get a new 'digital' camera.. sorry for the fuzzyness..... You know, I think it's time for me to make myself a new 'Pin Cushion".. mine has to be 15 years old.....


"The Sent of a Woman"

I have never 'collected' many things in my years, but, "Perfumes" are my only vice. Not the average, everyday perfumes, but the 'good ones'... Mostly "French". You know, the ones that cost an arm and a leg.  So I started collecting the 'little bottles'...Most of them come from the 'long flights' across the Atlantic.. they sell them on board the airlines. Notice the framed photo inside this picture, it's very special to me.. "It's my mom"...she started me collecting perfume bottles... she always smelled so wonderful!

 "Gina, yes this tray and the contents, is for you"

My daughter 'Gina' has been after my collection for years and I always send her away with a stern "Don't touch".... but she will be surprised, in the next box I sent to her ... My friend had this nice 'mirrored tray' that was in her 'thrift store box' and knowing me, I dug in it only to find her tossing an assortment of 'little perfumes'... and of cource "I begged them from her before they reached the door".... Gina will be so surprised! (well, not if she sees this post first).

This is my assortment, or what I could get on the 'mirror tray'... although I wanted to keep the tray my friend was tossing, I thought better of it, and thought to send the silver one to Gina.. she will love it more!
Now that I'm looking at the photo of 'my' bottles resting on the mirror surrounded by a wood frame, I'm thinking of 'getting a new' tray... but this one is a treasure of mine.. was my moms, so I can't seem to part with it...

Most women love the finer sents of life... although I do, I just can't seem to use these on my body.. When standing in a grocery line it seems the women in front of me sometimes 'reeks' of 'too much perfume' so I only use the 'spray sents' that are lighter.. I might, and I stress 'might' use a good perfume for the evening, but only a drop.. don't want to offend anyone in the room.
So, go ahead,, take a nice warm bath, then put on your favorite 'sent'.. but please, for the rest of the population, "Not Too Much".... we might gag!

OH, by the way, my favorite sent is "Femme"
whats your's?


"Strawberries and Cranberries"

The grocery stores this past few weeks have and over abundance of "Strawberries" in the stores and the price is wonderful....I've been buying as many as I can to go along with the "Cranberries" I've stored in my freezer.

It's like a "Rainbow of Colors" in the Pot!

So here I go.. "Strawberry-Cranberry Jam" is now in the works, on the stove.. I'm thinking I can fill a dozen jelly jars and pass them to my neighbors!

Cranberries and Strawberries in the pot.

Filling the jars. I put the jam in while hot so the jam will take form, and it makes cleaning the stick off much easier. And when added 'hot' it helps 'seal' the lids... once the lids are on and you go about your business, you will start to hear little 'popping' sounds, that's the lids sealing.... I chose not to add the optional wax at the top... these jars of jam will be used up rather quickly and will  be stored in the frig, and  used in a short period of time. If you want to make jam to store for months, then you'll need to refer to your recipe books for 'how to store jam'.

The finished product.. Yummmmm,"I Love Jam", of all sorts!

I used both 'Cranberries and Strawberries'  to make this jam. With a half lemon in the pot, while they bubbled, gets the 'tart'out of the cranberries.

I can't tell you how good this Jam is with the two fruits combined.. sweet, tart, and oh so good!

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"The Embroidery Machine"

I'm sure at one time or another you all have stood in the sewing shop and watched those little machines humming away, making the cutest designs. This is a photo of my machine and I must admit "I don't use it much"... I'm a 'hand needle work" kinda person. But my sister does alot of work on her machine  and has created so many items.. she makes useable little items rather than just designs on fabric.. here are a few of her creations..  She has made hundreds of 'favors' for wedding candy.....

If you will notice the 'roll' in the photo... This is called "Sulky" it is used in place of 'fabric'. It's like a heavy duty plastic wrap but is made of 'startch'. You do the embroidery on this and after the item is finished you simply wet it and the 'sulky' desolves, leaving the finished product in tact... Really a neat idea!

A candy dish.. each section is made then sewn together.....

The "Butterflys" are also made in sections and stitched 'one on top of the other'.

This little 'gift pouch' was embroidered on a nice silk fabric.. You can put your pearls and jewelry in to give to a good friend.

Our Neice "JoJo" with her bedroom Wall hanging...

So if you all want to give this 'craft' a try.. dont be shy, it's really very easy. And with the new technology you can upload many designs from the internet, right into your computerised machine.... 
Maybe one day "I'll find use for my machine, rather than simple sewing"!
Here is the URL to Dollys site... see the many items she has posted..


"I finially figured out how to make a good loaf of Bread"

 Yes, for years I've been trying to 'bake bread,' without success!

So many loaves went to the birds.... I've bought bread makers and tried so many recipes, and then
my 26 year old daughter gave me this wonderful recipe, and know worked..

I found all it takes is a little bit of ingredients and my hands to do the kneading and "Gina,'s recipe"..
For all who would like to give it a try... Toss those bread machines, and the thoughts that it will be
hard. You will be as proud as I have been with each loaf!
Let me give you the ingredients first.
1/2 c warm water
1/2 c warm milk
1 egg
1/3 c melted butter
1/3 c sugar (we will talk about the sugar later)
1/2 tsp sea salt
3 3/4 c bread flour (this is a must, not all purpose)
1 pk dry yeast (stored in the pantry not frig)

put the yeast in the warm water and 1 tbl spoon sugar.. tap water warm, not micro!
in one bowl beat the egg with the sugar,, now the sugar is for a bit of sweetness and if
you want, as I do, I only use half the amount. Let the yeast foam, about 10 min.
Add the yeast moisture to the egg, sugar, melted butter.. stir just a bit.
Then in another bowl, the flour and the salt.... gently, with a fork, mix the dry into the wet
until it's mixed... then flour the counter top and invert the bowl on the flour.. now it's time to
use your hands...You may use about 1/8th c more flour to kneed, if needed to prevent sticking
to the counter.
Kneed for about 10 full minutes.... make a ball and put in a greased bowl.. cover with
plastic wrap and a kitchen towel... set on top of your stove for about an hour... take a peek
now and then to watch it grow!

Then put on floured surface and cut in two.. shape loaves and put on a greased baking sheet
and cover again with plastic wrap and the kitchen towel... Wait another hour for it to rise
again. I use whipped egg to brush on the top before baking.. but this loaf, today I used
'Olive Oil" because I put in the dough an assortment of herbs. Now bake at 350' for about
35 minutes... Tap on the loaf to know if it's done. Will sound hollow and will be a very light brown in color....

As I said, in this loaf, I diced tiny sprigs of fresh rosemary, oregano, basil and garlic.. tiny tiny, then put
in the flour mixture before adding to the wet mixture...You can change the flavor of the bread recipe
by adding more sugar, or less depending... If you put more sugar you will get the 'Hawaiian' flavor,, less
more like 'french bread'.... this one is Italian flavor... have fun with this recipe. This is a good week to
bake, since we all are in a 'cold wave' across the country. Enjoy!

Look how the two loaves rose while sitting on the top of the stove.this was the second 'rising'. Took about an hour.. seeing this makes you feel good!
Whoohoo "It worked"!


"Knit Sweater"

Wanted to share with you all, my good friend Cheryl's "Christmas Gift"...
I used many different left over yarns for this

 Cheryl is so small, so it did'nt take alot of yarn...
My not having a pattern left me no choice but to 'eyeball' my sizing.. and am happy to
say, "Cheryl loved it enough to wear on Christmas Day to her family

Thanks for the photo Cheryl!

"Counted Cross Stitch"

My inspiration came from this store display at 'Jo-Ann Fabrics'. I just love the 'colors'!

Lets Talk about "Counted Cross Stitching"
So many women don't do this, because they think of "How much time and
work is involved"... but, you must think about how 'therapeutic' it
can be.. I find it 'takes me out of my own head' and 'counting' is
soothing to me!
The first thing I can offer is "Get a good pair of reading glasses",
and sit in your favorite chair with a 'bright' reading lamp! Put
on your favorite music, or a movie that does not require watching
at a constant stare...
The photo above is a 'Sofa Pillow' I've been working on for about
two weeks.. I might put in maybe 1/2 hr a day, or longer depending
on what's going on in my house...
I'm hooked on "Cross Stitch'. I try to only make items that will be
used for special and usefull, home decor. I'm happy to say "This
pillow is for ME"
Once I get the stitching finished, I'll post the 'How To's' of turning
it into a "Sofa Pillow"...
Happy Stitching all....


My Three Gandsons, what more could I ask for?

Yes... "Thats my Gina" with three boys and so busy...
she "Home Schools" while living the "Military life"!

Yes, Christmas is over, but.....

I wanted to share my sisters work.. she has a wonderful
Embroidery machine that can make so many designs..
she has been busy doing items for 'Weddings and Candy boxes',
or 'Mobile's' for babies.. so many ways to use her designs..
These little 'Christmas Orniments; are for my daughter
Gina's, family tree...
You will notice her 'web-link' on the left side of my
page.. take a look at some of her work!
Good Job "Dolly"!