"Strawberries and Cranberries"

The grocery stores this past few weeks have and over abundance of "Strawberries" in the stores and the price is wonderful....I've been buying as many as I can to go along with the "Cranberries" I've stored in my freezer.

It's like a "Rainbow of Colors" in the Pot!

So here I go.. "Strawberry-Cranberry Jam" is now in the works, on the stove.. I'm thinking I can fill a dozen jelly jars and pass them to my neighbors!

Cranberries and Strawberries in the pot.

Filling the jars. I put the jam in while hot so the jam will take form, and it makes cleaning the stick off much easier. And when added 'hot' it helps 'seal' the lids... once the lids are on and you go about your business, you will start to hear little 'popping' sounds, that's the lids sealing.... I chose not to add the optional wax at the top... these jars of jam will be used up rather quickly and will  be stored in the frig, and  used in a short period of time. If you want to make jam to store for months, then you'll need to refer to your recipe books for 'how to store jam'.

The finished product.. Yummmmm,"I Love Jam", of all sorts!

I used both 'Cranberries and Strawberries'  to make this jam. With a half lemon in the pot, while they bubbled, gets the 'tart'out of the cranberries.

I can't tell you how good this Jam is with the two fruits combined.. sweet, tart, and oh so good!

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Andy Porter said...

Yum! I bet that's delicious. I wish strawberries weren't so expensive here right now. I'd LOVE to make jam. It's just soooo much better than store bought. I'd love to try it with cranberries! Thanks for linking to Poppies!

neither one said...

Thanks Andy... the taste of the two berries combined is wonderful.. this is the time to get the fresh bags of cranberries too! Albertsons had the bag for just $1.00 today, so it was a good time to make Jam! Try it someday! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh yum! I'm jealous that you have strawberries where you are. We don't usually see any in stores till the first of March.

Anonymous said...

YUM-O!! I want a jam sandwich! Fresh strawberries sound sooo good right now.

neither one said...

Thanks for you comment Kara.. the strawberry farmers are picking them as fast as they can all over Florida.. they are not ready but are a bit red at the tips.. good for Jam! There are very large displays in all our grocery stores now.. I plan on getting more tomorrow and bag them for the freezer, before the prices rise. Tonight there is another "freeze" so tomorrow they will all be lost for the year!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This would be wonderful on a piece of pound cake.

Nora Johnson said...

What a great idea - off now to try it out myself since we can get both fruits here luckily!

Happy Rainbow Red day,


PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can join me!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I never thought of that combination, but I'll bet it's really yummy! Red jam on white toast with a little butter..oh my!

Sailing Simply said...

Boy do I wish I was your neighbor! That jam sounds delicious!

Teresa said...

I love the idea of that combination. I've never canned with cranberries, but it sounds delicious.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Stopping by from Miss Jenny's party! Now that looks really good!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

That sounds so good! It combines two of my favorites...strawberries and cranberries! I wish I was your neighbor.

Jenny said...

That popping sound of jars sealing is one of my favorite home-making noises!

I really enjoyed this delicious link for Alphabe-Thursdays Rainbow Summer School.

Your preserves are lovely.

And so was this post.

Thank you.


Jo said...

that jam looks so yummy!

Susan said...

I make strawberry jam, i might have to try the mixture, sounds good. do you ever can using the "bath" method?

I do not use wax.


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