Did you ever get so upset that you wanted to kick something?

Not too often do I get so upset that I have to take a step back and regroup or possibly kick something!
This past week my favorite statue, one that has been sitting on my back deck for years,  was blown off the deck rail and smashed the poor Angels  head right off into 5 pieces!
"I wanted to cry" 
She has been wired to the tree but the rain storm blew so hard the other night and smash!

She fell one floor down onto the ground between two large oak trees and all I could do was put her in the kitchen sink for a bath.
I had to try and save her.

Out came the liquid nails. I then went to work seeing if I could piece her head together.

A bit of glue and some masking tape and by golly I think I did it.
There may still be a few holes where I could not patch so I got out the water proof plaster and sealed her even further.  She will be out in the weather you know!

I tied her to the tree with strong fishing wire that I doubled up and intertwined around her wings and body, then used a really nice sticky tape made to hold corners of carpets,  to anchor her to the deck rail.

And I did not have to kick anyone or anything!

My Angel  has always been the first thing I saw from my kitchen window as I filled the kettle, and it would have been sad to loose her.

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What do you do with your spare time? I knit because it calms me....

For the past three months I have been on a knitting frenzy.  
This is what I do in my spare time. I love to knit and can knit without a pattern. I'm not saying the items turn out perfect. I just look at a photo and do the best I can.
 Winter in Oklahoma is cold and my daughter and her three small boys have no winter clothing.  I told her as she starts to get their wardrobe of cold weather clothes together to wait on the hats and scarves till grandma's box arrives. 
I did not count all the items made but I can say the three small boys have two sets of hats and scarves.

My daughter has two sets of leg warmers and 4 scarves with one matching hat along with an eternity scarf. 

 I really love all the new yarns we now have to choose from, so many different textures and colors.

This one should keep Gina's head and neck warm.

 Lets not forget Dad,  my son in law. I made the scarf extra wide so he could wrap it around his nose and face during those cold winter Oklahoma ice and snow storms.

  For the boys I made each  a sweater.  I only had two complete and they went in the box.  I'm still working on the third sweater and that will go with me when I fly there in three weeks.  Yes, grandma is going to visit.  It will be so nice to see the kids once again.. I only had the pleasure once in the past three years. Guam is so far and that tiny island did not have the kind of  trauma center that could take care of me if needed.  I  could not trust my heart on such a long trip. Imagine if I had trouble and was in a plane over some South Pacific island.. what would they do with me?  So we  kept in touch through Face Time.  The kids did come visit once as the plane fair ran them, for a family of 5, close to $10,000.  really!  Thankfully here in Florida,both grandmas live within 5 hours by car, from each other.


The package is in the mail.   I've gotten in the habit of sending a box ahead of me when I fly.  This box would cost who knows what to put on a plane, so this has become what we who travel do, instead of paying to stow it on commercial.

I've got to think of something new to do while sitting.  Maybe I'll make myself a new sweater?  Or I can start on a layette for child number 4.  My daughter and her husband are thinking of their next production, a little girl.  Gina said, "there is much too much Testosterone floating around her home".  Then she laughed and said, "You watch mom, I'll have twin boys"!

We will see?

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Thank You, Thank You, and how proud I am of you all!

I'd like to take a moment to say a BIG  
"Thank You"  
to all the men and women who continue to serve our great Country.

 This MARINE is a quadruple amputee named Todd Nicely of Arnold, Missouri. Check out his t-shirt and you'll see that he manages to have a sense of humor about his sacrifice!
And he is cute to boot!

God Bless You Son!