Remembering Mom

I wanted to celebrate Mothers Day simply by sharing my Moms photos and telling a bit of her story.

For some odd reason my Mom chose (if we indeed have a choice?)  Mothers Day 1998 to leave this world. Guess she did not want us to forget the date. 

Here she is at the age of 16

Mom was crafty already, doing her crochet as she sat in the park. 
Get a load of those shoes!

Mom and I took my then 13 month old daughter to Lincolns Tomb in Springfield, Illinois.  Mom thought is was such fun for Cyndi to scream inside the tomb and hear her voice echo from wall to wall.

Mom grew up known by her family as Peggy.  Here she was at 17.

The night before she died she was not feeling well and told me my eggplant dinner upset her stomach... she said, it just had to pass from her system and went to bed.  In the morning she said it again and told me "I'm fine, go to work, I'll just stay in for the day. See you later".  Well when I got home, flowers in hand for Mothers Day,  she was tucked under her covers peacefully  sleeping.  Her morning coffee cup on her night stand, half full.   Until I went closer and noticed she had passed sometime after 10am, the time I called to check on her.

Age 15

The family gathered to say good by to Mom at the cemetery, and while I,  my sister and our two daughters were walking in the gardens near the fountain erected for cremation ashes, my daughter said "Come see this, it's an Eggplant"... well we all went to see and there it was, floating in the water.  My daughter took the photo as proof.  Who would believe this?
"Who would bring a real, fresh Eggplant and put it in the fountain"?

My sister and I were stunned!

  Knowing  her grandma  told me how my eggplant made her sick,  my daughter was sure  my Mom put it there to let us all know "She was ok".  Inside my heart,  I thought "Mom put it there saying Your Eggplant killed me".  
It is just like my mom to do something like that, she had a great sense of humor.

"Happy Mothers Day Mom"
"I sure miss you"


coconut crab repost

 I posted the story of a "Coconut Crab" when my daughter walked out of her house in Guam one night to put the days trash in the garbage can.  
I'm talking about it again because over the past year I have gotten many comments about this story and some are just not believers that this really ugly looking crab exists... others are just amazed at it's size.

At the time when Gina told me of this crab, I just listened to her tell  how one  scared her.  Knowing my daughter as I do.. I  pretty much 'blew it off as no big deal'...( so she saw a crab, how bad could that be?)

My youngest child is now 27 with three little boys of her own, and since being a toddler she has always been afraid of bugs, especially spiders and was one of those kids who would 'squeel very loud and run from everything'. Gina still did the same "squeel" in high school when scared of anything and I would always laugh as she ran from what ever "It" was!
Well while we were on the  phone  she told me of the "Coconut Crabs"  "how large they are".   I've seen many different types of "Crabs" and again did not think too much about the crab story.. Until she sent me a photo of one......

 google image
"This is no ordinary crab".

Gina said, "When she first saw this, she saw the birth of her children flash before her eyes"

All I could do was "Gasp" for air!  She said, "she took out the trash, all she did was open the lid to put the bag in and she heard a  Shhhiiisssshhhh-ing  sound".   Like something was telling her to go away!    She backed up and ran inside, turned on the outside light and there was this 'Thing" walking toward  her!"  (They are not afraid of humans and will come after you)
She "Screamed" and ran back inside to  get her husband, who laughed at her, as usual.  Like I said, "Gina screams at all bugs".......

"Honey, this is "NO BUG"

I've posted a map of the areas where you can find "Coconut Crabs"  they are so ugly but then they say "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
"Coconut Crabs" are known to come out 'when it rains" and scrounge for food, but their favorite food is "coconuts" and you will find them climbing the Palm trees and knocking down the coconuts for a meal.

 The entire blue area  is where the "Crabs" can be found. "Guam" is above and to the right side of  Australia.

From what Gina tells me, the local people eat these crabs. Since the crabs eat coconuts they have a mild coconut flavor... They cook the meat in coconut milk and toss it over veggies....
Gina said, "She has been offered a meal made from the "Crabs" but just can't bring herself to eat them.

I have this "silly grin" on my face when I think of "Gina" running from these "Bugs"
It takes me back to when she was little.

"Oh the memories we keep of our children"
This is just one of  many for my "Mothers Day"

For all of you who are interested in knowing more, just google 
"Coconut Crab"  

I'm joining Jenny Matlocks 
Alphabet Thursday 

"C is for Crab"


Cinco de Mayo

 Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a holiday held on May 5. It is celebrated nationwide in the United States and regionally in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla. The date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, and to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day, the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico, which is celebrated September 16.

Living in San Antonio, TX for several years I learned the importance of the Mexican Heritage Celebration and they do party!

 "Happy Cinco de Mayo"


Happy B/Day Rikki

My sweet Rikki turned 16 years old last week.

She was rescued from the Broward County Humane Society as a birthday gift to my daughter Gina... well, Rikki has traveled around a bit in her 16 years.. has lived with each of our girls on and off as they both went on their way in life... but now, Rikki has been with me for the past 8 years and is as happy as she can be.
I've read, the markings on this white cat tells me she is "Turkish Van" and although she was a rescue at 8 weeks she seems to be a pure bread. 
When we brought her home she showed symptoms of "I hate it when you pick me up"... the vet showed us hundreds of ear mites and the damage  gave her vertigo.. well to this day, "She will not let anyone raise her any higher than your knees".  Rikki does not climb on the furniture or kitchen counters.. She hates heights,  however she will climb into bed with me and is very vocal about what she wants.

The above photo is her begging.  She winds in and out under the kitchen table and chairs screaming at me... she knows what she wants!
Time for a treat.

 Ok Mom.... stop chasing me around the house with your camera.

"Happy Birthday Rikki"
wishing you another 16 years

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Laundry Room Shelving

After living with one wire shelf in my laundry space, for the past 7 years,  I finally put in some new wood shelves.
My laundry room/closet holds nothing more than the washer and dryer. Leaving me nothing  to update or decorate.  But having new shelves sure made a huge difference. Notice the magazine cut out on the wall (inspiration).   I really wanted the newer front loading washer and dryer but now that we don't have kids or family home we really don't need the extra sized washers.  I'll just keep my old washer and dryer till they choke and die.

When it was time to start this project I totally forgot to get a before photo.. with the wire shelf.. But after I pulled 'it' down, well, you get the picture.  I even had to move the black box you see on the wall above the washer.. why the guy who put in our "Water  Reverse Osmosis System" (it filters the water throughout the entire house)  thought to hang it right out in the middle of no where is beyond me?  So I moved it to the side and below the washer... there, Hidden!

I bought the wood, primed and painted then gave the walls a fresh coat of paint I had left over from the staircase walls.  Crystal Ice was the color.. white with a hint of blue.

Look how clean!  The extra space for storage really made me smile.

I love baskets for storage and am using one I found last week in a yard sale.  It's  really heavy and good size... I pulled the plastic lining and cleaned it up... then put the soap bottles in it, on the new shelves.

I was so happy with the change that I totally went "All Out" and tossed the plastic dirty clothes basket.....

And, replaced it with this basket beauty.... 
Might have lost my mind but I actually paid retail for it.

It's the simple things in life that make us happiest and redoing the laundry room was indeed one of these things.
I had to put up the dry erase board with the childish scribble of my then 5 year old grandson.  He wrote "I  heart grandma" I've saved this for the past three years now.

When I'm loading the washer I can look up at a photo of my three children from times past.  
Don't laugh but I put a "tip jar" dish. You know for all that loose change everyone leaves you from their pockets.  The shelves are also lined to keep them from scratches and stains.

Only one thing missing.. a rod, to hang the few pieces that do not go into the dryer.. Maybe a spring rod?  That will be for another day.

I wonder how long I can keep it this neat?
* * * * *

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Looking out from my daughter Cyndi's patio door, in Palm Beach,  is a large lake and it houses a variety of critters.  She has seen Iguana's before but nothing quite this big.  
She said she ran to get her camera and got the shot before he/she crept back under the water.... 

And How was your "May Day" Sunday?

Well today this big guy came walking outside her door.