Laundry Room Shelving

After living with one wire shelf in my laundry space, for the past 7 years,  I finally put in some new wood shelves.
My laundry room/closet holds nothing more than the washer and dryer. Leaving me nothing  to update or decorate.  But having new shelves sure made a huge difference. Notice the magazine cut out on the wall (inspiration).   I really wanted the newer front loading washer and dryer but now that we don't have kids or family home we really don't need the extra sized washers.  I'll just keep my old washer and dryer till they choke and die.

When it was time to start this project I totally forgot to get a before photo.. with the wire shelf.. But after I pulled 'it' down, well, you get the picture.  I even had to move the black box you see on the wall above the washer.. why the guy who put in our "Water  Reverse Osmosis System" (it filters the water throughout the entire house)  thought to hang it right out in the middle of no where is beyond me?  So I moved it to the side and below the washer... there, Hidden!

I bought the wood, primed and painted then gave the walls a fresh coat of paint I had left over from the staircase walls.  Crystal Ice was the color.. white with a hint of blue.

Look how clean!  The extra space for storage really made me smile.

I love baskets for storage and am using one I found last week in a yard sale.  It's  really heavy and good size... I pulled the plastic lining and cleaned it up... then put the soap bottles in it, on the new shelves.

I was so happy with the change that I totally went "All Out" and tossed the plastic dirty clothes basket.....

And, replaced it with this basket beauty.... 
Might have lost my mind but I actually paid retail for it.

It's the simple things in life that make us happiest and redoing the laundry room was indeed one of these things.
I had to put up the dry erase board with the childish scribble of my then 5 year old grandson.  He wrote "I  heart grandma" I've saved this for the past three years now.

When I'm loading the washer I can look up at a photo of my three children from times past.  
Don't laugh but I put a "tip jar" dish. You know for all that loose change everyone leaves you from their pockets.  The shelves are also lined to keep them from scratches and stains.

Only one thing missing.. a rod, to hang the few pieces that do not go into the dryer.. Maybe a spring rod?  That will be for another day.

I wonder how long I can keep it this neat?
* * * * *

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Granny said...

Your new shelves look great. I especially like the green shelf liner.

Anonymous said...

I love the shelves. Can't wait to get some in my laundry.


Tina said...

I'd love the front loading machines also. But I make it a rule not to replace anything as long as it still works. And the darn things won't break!
Your laundry room looks great! I already have shelves in my laundry room..I just really need to spruce it up in there. I like your color of paint.

Karen said...

Sandy, you are just a dynamo of Home Improvement. You should have your own TV show. I am loving the makeover of your laundry room, everything will be so handy now and organized. I also love your new basket!

oldgreymare said...

The most ordinary chores can be elevated with just a little effort. Linen towels to dry the dishes. soap in pretty makes each chore a little easier, and always more pleasant.
great job !


Gail said...

Pretty & practical- good job

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You gained a ton of storage and it all looks great. I love that new laundry basket. I'm sure it's a bit nicer to do laundry now! said...

New follower! Found you on the linky party! Visiting from

laura said...

Love this! Great job! new follower. this may be a duplicate comment. visiting from