The Hummers and the Dinos were out on this beautiful day....

Ok my photos are not great, it was dark on the deck this morning.  The sun not quite out and this crazy woman sat in the chair just waiting!  Then it happened, the  Humming Bird came for the goodies.
I saw him/her yesterday and of course I did not have the camera so today I waited (for what seemed like a long time).  Then he came!  
As exciting as it may not be to all of you, it was to me!
 I know the photos are blurry but it's the best editing I could do.  I'll be out there later this afternoon when he comes back and this time I'll be ready!
 While I was out there I noticed the Dinos were making babies. 
 Yep, it's spring around my house.


I needed a mouse pad, so I made one from fabric and the trees come tumbling down.

 It may not seem to be an important item but I've been looking for a mouse pad and they all are so big and square.  I only have a small space on my little desk for my mouse.  I know, I have a lap top but the mouse makes it so much easier to get from one site to another 
Since I've been  using my mouse on the desk top and the paint is now starting to show little scratches and scrapes not to mention I may be killing the mouse?
So I went to my fabric scrap box and simply cut out two pieces along with some very thin batting.  Stitched them together and done!  As you can see I made it reversible with two different flower patterns.

It works great!
The best part it's small and fits my space.

 While I was sewing this morning the Chain Saws began.

 Today has been a beautiful sunny day and it seems all the neighbors came out to watch the trees coming down in my neighbors back yard.  The chain saws (three at once) have been bzzzing since 7am yesterday morning and there is no getting away from the noise, no window or door closed helps.  
 We  who live on "Alligator Creek" have very old Hickory trees.  They must be 5 stories tall and most are dead or dying.  Some have fallen over the years and by some stroke of luck the high winds each season brings them down across the creek and not on someones house.  The three being removed this past two days are huge and so dead and will surly fall on our houses if a 50 mph wind comes in from the north.  That is how the tropical storms and hurricanes blow.
My neighbors admiring the mess they have to clean up. Their poor yard has been destroyed with all that fell from these monster trees.
What you are seeing is only from one of these trees.
These stumps must weight around 400 lbs each and are huge!
 My two trees are the next to go.    
Look how tall they are and one is leaning on my deck and soon will start cracking it.  My bedroom is in the target if they fall.
Only one problem... I just finished planting all my spring and summer flowers so the Mr and I decided to wait till the fall to take ours down!

Although having such trees covering our deck and house helps with the hot summer sun the entire deck is totally covered in shade due to the house in a N-S direction.  I need E-W to get sun there.  I'm hoping once the trees are taken down I'll get more sun for my potted herbs? The a/c will take care of the heat.  Now a new thought is in our minds.. enclosing our deck and making a nice sun room.  Right now with the trees there, it can not be done due to how they lean over.
That remains to be seen?
Gota go, the chain saw guys are back from lunch and it's about to get LOUD!

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