The Hummers and the Dinos were out on this beautiful day....

Ok my photos are not great, it was dark on the deck this morning.  The sun not quite out and this crazy woman sat in the chair just waiting!  Then it happened, the  Humming Bird came for the goodies.
I saw him/her yesterday and of course I did not have the camera so today I waited (for what seemed like a long time).  Then he came!  
As exciting as it may not be to all of you, it was to me!
 I know the photos are blurry but it's the best editing I could do.  I'll be out there later this afternoon when he comes back and this time I'll be ready!
 While I was out there I noticed the Dinos were making babies. 
 Yep, it's spring around my house.


Clipped Wings said...

LOL, I had to see what the dinos were in your post. My heart rushes every time I see hummingbirds. They always seem so magical.

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

That is so funny that you were able to catch all that on camera.. YEP its spring sister ... HUGS and love it all .. I love birds too .

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh! we haven't had a hummingbird yet.
Dinos you say...?
What is that really? A lizard, gecko? what?

I love seeing nature...and I can totally relate to waiting in a chair for that little creation to come along and let me snap it's picture.
I wish I'd had my camera this morning... the little squirrel "Rocky" was in the small oak tree and TH was giving it pecans. Getting so close!
I just love the spring time.

Carol said...

Seeing a few hummers at my feeders too. Really have lots of Cardinals at the feeders, more than I have ever seen.Carol

Marti said...

Wow, those are big lizards! What are they really? I love hummers but so far mine won't come to the feeder when we are outside, no matter how still we are. I can imagine how long you had to sit still to wait for that photo.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Don't you just love the hummers. The are so sweet. I'm just like you, never seem to have my camera on hand when I see the bathing or eating, so I leave by the patio door..
Have a great Sunday. Love the post.

Susanne said...

To me (who live in Norway)you have a very exotic backyard :) Here spring is no where to bee seen yet but we are hoping :)
Wish you a nice day!