It's "St. Patricks Day" weekend....

So many of us like to think were a bit Irish during this time of year and I can honestly say I'm half Irish.  I'd like to introduce you to my grandparents, my moms mother and father.  We kids called him "Daddy Tom" because our father was away with the Coast Guard most of the time and Daddy Tom stepped in a lot when we needed a father figure.  The photo is of
"Thomas Patrick Murray" and his wife "Cora"
my grandmother, dated 1919.  Daddy Tom served in the USCG and retired after 30 years of service.
Today I cooked my "Corned Beef and Cabbage" in honor of this wonderful couple.
I have cooked this cut of beef each year (even though I don't eat meat) because it's the only way I have left to honor them.  If you notice I put a green apple into the water along with the usual spices and veggies, while the meat is cooking.  It was their way and the meat takes on the most wonderful flavor by doing so.

I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful 
"St. Patricks Day" and may your life be filled with the 
"Luck of the Irish"


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Easter on my mind and a very special welcome...

Easter is just around the corner and this grandma has to look ahead.  Not knowing if my new grandbaby will be born before March 31st leaves me with "Should I send something with the boys Easter baskets or not"... I chose to send a little something, just in case.
As it turned out my little grandson was born a bit early, on the 10th of March  and what a sweetie he is. 
This grandma can't wait to kiss those little chubby cheeks.

I found this sweet Easter duck with a cross stitch fabric bib and I simply added a sweet saying."Grandma Heart Me"

 I had a bouquet of Spring Tulips sent to my daughter to  welcome  her new baby.   The vase was covered with my new grandsons photo and a few words of congratulations.  Gina said it was very sweet and will make a wonderful keepsake for the babies room.
I know it was a simple clear plastic printing put on the glass but I can't wait to see it in person.. nice idea!  It was as easy as uploading the photo and printing the words. Isn't  technology  wonderful these days.
 Our family is over joyed with the babies arrival and his brothers, well they are over the moon.  You can imagine how such small boys know there is a new sibling coming but in their minds they just can't know how wonderful it will be until they hold him for the first time.
 Wishing my girl and her husband a "BIG Congratulations" on the birth of their new Son.
The boys now have a new member of the team. They may have to wait till next summer to get him out in the back yard with them but just think how much fun it will be to teach him to run and play outside with their Dad.

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A day full of emotions, both happy and sad..

This day started with the great news of my girl going in the hospital to have her 4th baby.  At this moment she is only 6 centimeters and I'd expect her to go on a few more hours..  The family and I are on pins and needles and expect to hear of the birth soon.  This baby will be 'news worthy' as no one knows the sex of this child.. but we will once it enters the world. 
I was inspired to get out and be with Mother Nature.
I've spoken of my daughter and her husband before and they wanted this child to be a surprise, being they have three small boys! 

 Then we received a phone call that Mr. N's mom passed away just a few hours ago.  We all have rejoiced at her strong self and life... My mom-in-law turned 101 years old this past November.  She was the mother-in-law everyone wished they had. Loving and just a nice person and the best part, she liked me. 
After Mr. N. and I talked about all this and not knowing what to do with myself during the rest of the afternoon I went out back, pulled weeds and planted some new flowers that were just waiting for me to get them in the ground. Somehow doing this cleared my poor mind.  Amazing how mother nature can do that and bring you down (or is it up?) to her level.
 I must have been out in the garden for several hours when Mr. N. called out to me "Come in the house and rest a while"... he always worries when I'm out there too long. The above photo is the area that I did not get to.. so many weeds need pulling before I can put in the new flowers. 
  I think he was worried that I'd fall out in the warm sunshine we had today... it's not hot, just in the lower 70's and feels so good.
I was mentally grieving for my dear mom-in-law although I know I should not have been.. she lived a good life.  But I was also in the hospital (my mind) helping my girl go through labor.  
Ok, the next few days I need to make plans Go to Illinois for a funeral or go to OKC to meet my new grandbaby?
I feel like Scarlet O'Hara

 I'll think about it tomorrow.   

"RIP Mom Helen" 

 * * * * * * *
It's been just two hours since I've written this post and I'd like you all to welcome my new grandson to the world.
"Henry David"

I have to smile because I know his brothers all wanted a new boy in the family.  The football team needs him!  
Both Mom and Baby are doing great.  It's a good day after all!

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