The better way to Swiffer your floors....

I talked about the cost of Swiffer cloths in an earlier post. Looking for ways to save money I cut up an old bath towel and made several cloths that worked wonderful... but, they did not hold properly when I pushed them in the holes provided on the Swiffer.  The terry was just too thick.
While digging through my yarn box I noticed many different shades of crochet cotton. Left overs from dish cloths I made.   Hey, I thought, why not crochet some that will fit snug and know what, they worked so much better, wet or dry.

 I simply crochet a rectangle and folded it to fit then hand sewed it together. 

 The new cloth slides right on and washes up right in the washing machine.

These little Swiffer clothes took me all of a half hour to make and that was not sitting still. I got up at least once to do something else.  My kind of craft, FAST!

 Just about everyone I know uses a Swiffer to dust their floors. Think this might just be a perfect Xmas gift for them all.
Picture this, a perfect little box wrapped so fine with three or four Swiffer cloths in it!

"My little hands will be crocheting away this fall"

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There are more Dolphins than I expected to see.

 Our area is gearing up for the RNC and the thousands of people expected to come for the three day convention.  From what I can see the streets are getting a cleaning up and the hotels are sprucing up.  The shops and restaurants are all so happy to see the money coming as people will be spending lots of it.
  I am not endorsing any party but just want to share a few of the decorations going up  around the Tampa Bay area.


I took a ride over to Clearwater Beach to see what was going on and found more Dolphins than I expected.
As you come across the causeway onto the beach drive  you will be greeted by dozens of Dolphins around the circle of  Pier 60 park.  The local business all got together and bought a Dolphin and were told to paint it with their own art work and I took a few photos as they lined the park with these really interesting dolphins. Each had a sign at the bottom with the business name.
In the banner below you can see Pier 60  as it jetties off  Clearwater Beach into the Gulf  from the park.  This pier is normally full of fishermen, and on a normal day the beach is totally full of vacationers.
Some people call it paradise.  I call it a great place to walk.

From what I was told, once the convention is over the Dolphin will be scattered around  Tampa Bay in different parks and hot spots for all to enjoy.

 If you come down to  Tampa Bay in the future you may run into some of these Dolphins scattered around town.
This week I'm going to drive the area and see  more of the decorations that will be  put up to entice and entertain the visitors expected.

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