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Today I bought a few more "Mandevilla" plants to hang on the front porch.  The space is large enough to just let them take over and fall as they may.  I'm not sure about the size of the hanging basket, might need to be larger,  but they  will get both sun and shade throughout the day,  so hopefully they should thrive. 

Mandevillas develop spectacular flowers in warm climates. 
The flowers come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, and red.  As climbers, Mandevillas can be trained against a wall or trellis to provide a leafy green and often flowering picture of beauty

 Pretty Pink

I have several on the side of my house that have  flowers all year and climb up their trellis', but I thought I'd try to use them in a hanging basket.  We will see how they fall and trail?  Or will they want to climb up in the eves?
This variety is in the periwinkle family.
 I've been having fun decorating the porch and this beauty is a plus.

It's flower and planting season where I live. 
Now I need to go find pumpkins for the up-coming season.
I may never get used to living in Florida because gardening is so different from living in the north.
I say that with a smile!

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Boxwood Hedges

 This past week I had a Stone Patio laid in the front of my house.
I wanted a bit of privacy next to the front door and today I planted "Boxwood Hedges"

 It may take years but I want my new hedge to be perfect and polished.
Well, maybe not as wide as the ones above, but the look is what I'm after.

 Right now they are new and tiny but I read they are fast growers.
I love the pretty green, tiny leaves.

 Now that I'm looking at my photos I have to laugh.
Might just take years to get tall, but I have all the time in the world.

 While I was at it I added my first Fall Flowers on the front porch.
Gold Mums that are starting to bloom. 
I live in Florida so the Mums are standing beside the Orchids and potted Roses.

Now all I need is a few Pumpkins but our stores are not stocking them just yet.

 "Happy Fall"

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Embroidered Sheet Set

   What do you get your single, hard working daughter who has everything she may want or need, for her birthday?
A new set of sheets!  
Not any simple set but a nice smooth  450 count Egyptian cotton  set. With a beautiful design,  embroidered by Mom.

 I used an iron on stencil,  with DMC floss in simple muted greens, cream and blues for the design.  
Floral seemed to be the best for a single woman. 

 Although I'm not very good at fancy embroidered stitches I just did the best I could.  Once the design was completely finished I thought it turned out quite nice.  Might just do a set for myself!

 I just love simple white sheets and I'll have to admit my embroidery made them look very nice.

 There, finished and ready to pack up in her birthday box.  I still have time to get them in the mail (Oct 18th).
Sending my kids birthday boxes is fun for me.  I tend to over do their boxes.  But then that's what moms do!
Both my Daughter and Son were born in October.  Son, his box is in Juneau already, but his wife will not let him open it until the day of his birthday (Oct 6).  He lives in cold country and a new fleece jacket from LL Bean seemed perfect.  No embroidery there!
My little 4yr old grandson also has his birthday in October. 
His box is already in Guam.  He has a thing for 
"Buzz Lightyear"

 His box was stuffed with anything and everything  I could find with "Buzz" on it.  His entire birthday party was in his box.  From table cloth to hats and horns.  And of course his "Buzz" Halloween Costume, that I'm sure he will wear for his "Buzz" party.

Early "Happy Birthday"
to all my kids!

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