Garbanzo Bean Snack

If your household is like mine, someone is always looking for a snack.
I am one who likes "Crunchy" and "Salty" but I can not have the "Salt" I don't remember the last time I picked up one of those grocery store snack bags.  I've been into health since my children were small and I'm so happy to say they, today, are feeding their children in the same healthy way.  My daughter is raising her family as vegans. I'm not that far into it but I have to say "I don't eat meat". Just fresh food and nothing in "Boxes or Cans". I still can not give up my dairy, especially "Cheese" (love the stuff).  I also eat "Fresh Salmon". My Cardio Doc said "I need the Omega 3's".

This "Snack" is not only very "Healthy" but good when your in the mood to "Snack".

Garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas)  have a delicious nut like taste and buttery texture. They provide a good source of protein that can be enjoyed year-round and are available either dried or canned.
A very versatile legume, they are a noted ingredient in many Middle Eastern and Indian dishes such as hummus, falafels and curries. While many people think of garbanzos as being beige in color, there are varieties that feature black, green, red and brown beans.

I have been eating these little beans since I was introduced to them while living in Lebanon... as a kid!
Middle Eastern food has always been on my menu since then.. Love the taste and now that I'm an adult I appreciate the "Health Value" of these little beans.

About 6 years ago I was forced to totally change my eating habits.  My heart was sick from a virus and it turned into "Heart Failure".... I had to totally avoid  all "Salt".... This was hard for me since I so love "Salty Snacks".  
I found this recipe and have kept a bag of these little roasted beans on hand, at all times.
Garbanzos are a good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber and you can lower your Heart Attack Risk as well. When researchers analyzed this data in relation to the risk of death from heart disease, they found that legumes were associated with a whopping 82% reduction in risk! 

 I only use "Dried Chick Peas" or "Garbanzo Beans".  The caned beans have added salt so I avoid them totally.

Soak a bag of Garbanzo Beans in water over night.
I add a squished clove of garlic to the water for flavor.
The next day cook the Beans until tender.. about 25 minutes. "Do not over cook", they will turn to mush!
Drain the Beans and lay them on a clean kitchen towel.. pat dry or let sit on the towel for about a half hour.
Then roll the beans in "Olive Oil" and spices..You can choose the spices that make you happy. I use oregano and grated cheese... then bake in the oven at 350' for about 45 minutes. (For those of you who must, sprinkle a bit of salt on them before you put them in the oven, they are so good!)  I usually just turn the oven off and let them sit in there for another half hour.. "I like them crunchy!"

Once they are finished roasting, remove from the pan into a serving dish, candy dish or ziplock baggie... I keep my "baggie" near the bedside for those midnight munchies. My daughter leaves a bowl on the kitchen counter for her little boys to grab when ever they need a snack.

"Garbanzo Crunchy Snack"
They are fast and "Oh so Healthy"

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Coconut Crab

It's  Thursday  evening and I was sitting here thinking of my daughters conversation with me about a "crab"  that was behind her trash can.  At the time of her first story, a few months ago,  I just listened to her telling me about a crab that scared her.  Knowing my daughter as I do.. I  pretty much 'blew it off as no big deal'...( so she saw a crab, how bad could that be?)

My youngest child is now 27 with three little boys of her own, and since being a toddler she has always been afraid of bugs, especially spiders and was one of those kids who would 'squeel very loud and run from everything'. Gina still did the same "squeel" in high school when scared of anything and I would always laugh as she ran from what ever "It" was!
Well, last night we were on the phone and she told me of the "Coconut Crabs" again... "how large they are".   I've seen many different types of "Crabs" and again did not think too much about the crab story.. Until she sent me a photo of one......
"This is no ordinary crab".

Gina said "When she first saw this, she saw the birth of her children flash before her eyes"!

All I could do was "Gasp" for air!  She said, " she took out the trash, all she did was open the lid to put the bag in and she heard a  Shhhiiisssshhhh-ing  sound".   Like something was telling her to go away!    She backed up and ran inside, turned on the outside light and there was this 'Thing" walking toward  her!"  (They are not afraid of humans and will come after you)
She "Screamed" and ran back inside to  get her husband, who laughed at her, as usual.  Like I said, "Gina screams at all bugs".......

"Honey, this is "NO BUG"

google images

Gina and her family have been living in "Guam" for about a year now, and she has been telling me about "How different the Critters" are there...  She said, "Mom they have no birds". 
The "Tree Snakes" eat them all.  And they have "Wild Boar or Pigs" that walk the streets, and also "Little Goats" that walk in packs, along with "Wild Dogs" that roam along with the "Big Cows",.. "with horns".   (Gina is so happy she lives on a Military Base with a fence all around her neighborhood!)

I went into "google images" to see for myself what these creatures were about, and I really don't want to offend anyone but I had to share this next photo... This person was nuts to let this thing on his body, but Gina said, "They are harmless"... Their like "Road Kill" and are everywhere on the Island.  

"These monsters of the Indian and Pacific ocean islands have spurned the shells of their lesser cousins in favor of being able to roam and climb and kill at will.
They get up to 4 kg in weight, have enormous leg spans, live for 30 - 60 years, and are capable of splitting coconuts with their pincher."
"ew ew ew"

google images

look how he is breaking open the coconut for lunch, google images

I've posted a map of the areas where you can find "Coconut Crabs"  they are so ugly but then they say "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
"Coconut Crabs" are known to come out 'when it rains" and scrounge for food, but their favorite food is "coconuts" and you will find them climbing the Palm trees and knocking down the coconuts for a meal.

 The entire blue area  is where the "Crabs" can be found. "Guam" is above and to the right side of  Australia.


From what Gina tells me, the local people eat these crabs. Since the crabs eat coconuts they have a mild coconut flavor... They cook the meat in coconut milk and toss it over veggies....
Gina said, "She has been offered a meal made from the "Crabs" but just can't bring herself to eat them.

I have this "silly grin" on my face when I think of "Gina" running from these "Bugs"
It takes me back to when she was little.

"Oh the memories we keep of our children"


New baby....

In about 30 days our family is going to have a "New Member".....

My Niece is expecting her 'first' baby...  The family is overjoyed.   All of my Sisters children have given her grandchildren except this one girl... she is the baby in the family and "It's her turn"..... "Moey"  lives up in Ohio while her husband is finishing his "MBA"... and we have been monitoring her progress over the web -cam and e'mails... I know she is excited and is missing her mom, who lives on the other side of the Earth...but they stay in touch and her mom will be there in August to attend her grandchild's  birth....

I found this cute "pattern" for a wall hanging and took a photo from a magazine.  Yes, sitting in a doctors waiting room, a craft book was  among the reading material on an end table...Don't you just love it when you find such things....

As you can see I made a few changes, not knowing at the time "Boy or Girl"? Then when I found out I had to add the "Soccer Ball"... "Dad loves Soccer"!

Moey and her husband have not come up with a name for the baby, or at least their not telling anyone yet, so it's unfinished.. I'll have to put it away for another few weeks.. but I wanted to share it with everyone because I'm really excited to have another baby in the family, and this baby is from my sweet niece "Moey"......
(Love you honey)  <3

"Cross Stitch" is one of my favorite forms of crafting.. it takes time and 'good eyes' but I love to do it!  Makes me sit still and calms me....
I'm thinking of making this into a "Wall Hanging".. but then a "Little Pillow" would also be nice for the baby's room??  Hope the new baby's name is not too long... 
Once I get the babies name and birth date stitched , "I'll know" which way to go!

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

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Watch the Dolphin

I'm happy to say "Bonnie Fizzled out" and just left alot of rain yesterday.
All the ships and personnel returned to work in the Gulf without any harm from the storm. 

It's a rainy Sunday and I wanted to share the "Dolphin" at the Orlando Sea World.. 
I have never figured out how to post a video.. so let me put the link..
Please click on to it.. you will not be sorry!

It's been a while since I've been to this park and the Dolphin did not do this while I was there......I think I'm going to go see them for myself when the weather cools off.. it's about a 3 hr drive from my house. such amazing animals.

Enjoy your Sunday!