Quilted Pillow Covers

Today I  finished two pillow covers that have been in the works for about two months now.

The pillow's were a  request from my daughter... she has brown/gray sofas and wanted a bit of greens and blues to cover two small toss pillows that came with  her furniture.  
I usually send a care package every two months that include many different items she just can't get in Guam.. spices, science projects (for my grandsons), alphabet noodles and a variety of things.  The pillows will be an added surprise.

For those of you that have been following  my never ending reno here in my town house, today I did not want to do anything.. my hand is tired from doing. Painting, sawing, hammering and so many things,  so I sat and sewed a simple quilt design together while I watched old movies.. was nice and relaxing.

 I had a solid turquoise fabric, her favorite color, that worked fine for the back of the cover. I  then added a simple cording around.  I did stuff the cover in case she might not think she can put her pillows in...  If I know her, she will leave them as is.

I have a helpful hint for anyone who uses a lot of cording... go into Walmart and in the hardware section you will find cording that is used for different projects... they sell 100ft for about  $3.00.  So much less than buying it in the fabric/craft store, and it's cotton and very washable.

There, pillows finished.  Now to get out and collect Easter items to make baskets for the boys.. get the box in the mail.  I normally just get a lot of candy items that she will not find there.  The commisary carries a minimum and I know she so appreciates what I send.  She said they "don't have peeps"... imagine, no peeps!

"Have a great Sunday Everyone"

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While on my knees, on the staircase, hand cutting,  shaping and sanding  little pieces of molding  (since I could not find molding to fit).

In walks the Mr. with a bouquet of Red Roses.  
He said, "This is for all your hard work"!

And I didn't think he was paying attention, nor did I think he was really into my renovations.  He did say months ago, "You don't have to do this, the house is fine just the way it is"!  Then he said not another word about it.  Until now!

I'm feeling "Very Appreciated" at this moment.

Life is Good!
They were right, "There is no place like home"

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Amazing what paint can do...

Did you ever start a project thinking "I can do this"!
Well I've come to realize, I'm over my head"  with this one!

The good part is,  I'm seeing what a little "Paint" can do to change the look of anything!

The carpet has been pulled and tossed in the trash... 
My mind sees a "Regal White Staircase"... but my physical body sees "A lot of intricate work"!

This is going on day 5 of this project and I'm still not done and I don't want to do it anymore... Yes I'm whining!!
But I so want it done...
First I filled in the little holes from all the carpet tacks I pulled.. that took an entire day!
Then I used the electric sander and smoothed the wood... The dust was in my hair and my mouth and my entire house.. took me almost an hour to vacume and dust everything..
Then I went to the Home Depot and bought the molding... I noticed little gaps between the wood on each step....

All of the molding had to be measured and cut.. then I used 'liquid nails' to adhear it to the steps... this took time and was messy, but it worked.

This new project came about because I have big dreams for my townhouse.. I want to put the value up and I want it,, well,, the way I want it!  
I bought this house because it was in a good neighborhood.. it's very attractive and I love the yard.  Believe it or not it was the yard that sold me.  I did not look at the ugly old carpet or the lack of sun inside, or the ugly dungeon kitchen.. 
But,, after a few years of slowly working on each room,, it's starting to take shape.  But this "Staircase" so far has been the most difficult part.....

I have a suggestion to anyone who wants to re-do that outdated staircase,,
"Call a handy man/woman".. to come in and do it!
Oh, wait,,, "I'm a handy woman".. only problem, no one is paying me to do this.. but then I'm not paying anyone to do this eather.  Then I'm making out, don't you think?
Hmmm,,, I need to think about this!

Today I bought 10 lotto tickets, with the extra.. so if I win even a little bit I may call in someone to finish this job....

To be continued!


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Wonder if I must use "Dawn" or will the cheep stuff work?

Today I'm on my hands and knees nailing the molding around the staircase.. it's starting to look nice... the ugly carpet is gone and primer on.
Will be using "Porch Paint" as to the suggestion of the Home Depot guy and I chose the color "Polar Bear".

Had my "Well Woman" physical yesterday and am happy to say 
"I'm well"

Happy Wednesday you all!