Wonder if I must use "Dawn" or will the cheep stuff work?

Today I'm on my hands and knees nailing the molding around the staircase.. it's starting to look nice... the ugly carpet is gone and primer on.
Will be using "Porch Paint" as to the suggestion of the Home Depot guy and I chose the color "Polar Bear".

Had my "Well Woman" physical yesterday and am happy to say 
"I'm well"

Happy Wednesday you all!


Granny said...

I just add a dash of vinegar to water when I'm using dish soap. The vinegar cuts the grease just as Dawn would. Your condo is gonna be a showstopper when you finish with it. Be careful working on your knees like that. Take frequent breaks.

Glad you passed your well woman test with flying colors.

Have a great day.

Darla said...

Okay, it's Dawn to the shower with me too! Love the praise report on your well woman check up....keep up the good work.