I need new daily dinner ware, really bad!

I've been on a search for some new daily use dinnerware. After wandering a few stores I noticed how nice some of the sets were.
The stores have such pretty summer table settings.
I wanted a set of bright fun colors.  Yellow and blue and greens seemed to be popular.

The cream color is very nice but a bit boring.

Although watermelon is cute, it's just not something I would use on a daily basis, this set needs to be for a fun luncheon by the pool.

 For some reason I really like the set below. I can see my breakfast cereal in the bowl and also a casual dinner on the sweet floral plates.

 I really love the square or odd shaped plates and the blue floral is very pretty but, for some reason I just don't like food on plates with designs.  My food is competing with the pattern. 

 If you were to look in my kitchen cabinets you may find my every day dishes a bit boring,,, every piece is white.  Yes, I love simple white, odd shaped dinner plates.  As I said, I can see the food on white.  

I think I need to go back to the stores and keep looking for my new set of daily dinner ware.  
Nice way to spend a Saturday morning, Pier1 and HomeGoods, sounds good to me.

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My Topsy Turvy and My sister flew home today ..

Spring is the time to put in some new tomato plants.  I do have several on the front porch, in pots and am excited for my tomatoes to grow.  For the back yard I like to use my "Topsy Turvy"  Keeps the critters off the plants.
 The Topsy Turvy was used last year and produced some good tomatoes.  It takes no room when hung and all I had to do was wash it well before storing it for the winter months.
First I put the plant in upside down then filled it with good potting soil.


As easy as that!

It's hanging on a chain between two Hickory Trees off my deck where it will get about 4 hrs of full sun each day.

You will notice more planting holes on the side of my "Topsy Turvy".  I did have 4 plants in there last year but I found too many plants made it difficult to keep up with the long branches that came out.  I had to tie them up and it got messy to control.

I had a  tomato plant from last year sitting on the deck. Was I surprised to see the winter chill did not kill it off.  Today I noticed flower buds and a few new little Roma Tomatoes peeking out.  This is a first for me, normally they die off... hmmm, interesting, very interesting.

 I spoke of the critters getting to my tomatoes on the back deck, well this morning I saw one pesty squirrel enjoying one of my first little tomatoes.. so I had to enclose the Topsy Turvy with some plastic chicken wire.. Oh Well!

I was up at 4am this morning to take my sister to the airport here in Tampa. She has to catch a flight out of JFK at 9pm tonight to Saudi. She had a 5 hr layover at that airport so it's been a long day for her I'm sure. Nice thing she has a 10 hr night flight and after the dinner service she will sleep the flight away.
(yes they still feed you well  on over seas flights) 
Dolly has been here for the past 6 months and we had such a good time together.  I miss her all ready!
Sending good vibes for my sis to have a happy landing back home.

Come back soon!
"Sisters are the best" 

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Take a stroll with me through an "Old World" Italian Market

When your in the mood for some "Old World" food and atmosphere you must visit Mazzaro's Italian Market.

I took my twice a year ride to the most wonderful "Italian Food Market" this side of Italy!
(I've lived around the World and can say this)
It's about 45 minutes away from me and somewhere in my heart I'm so glad it's not close.
  I'd be there every day to buy the most wonderful food!

When you first drive into the parking lot this guy (statue above), greets you.
Then when you find your parking spot, you walk on by more statues.

"Old World" meets modern day, right across the street. This market was here before the homes were built back in the 70's.

But first the sign on the wall lets you know 
"It's ok to park here".


As you first walk in the front door of the market your again greeted by Old World statues that bless you on your journey.

Then the endless counters of food begins.
Although I'm not a meat eater, I have to admit, the quality of the meat looks great.

Then you come to the "Cheese and Wine" room.  The aroma is outstanding! They also are happy to let you taste.

Olives, my favorite food on the planet.

 The counter of ready made foods is eye candy to say the least.

  At 9am on the dot the customers got in line to take numbers, to purchase the many styles of hand made pasta, bread and sweets.

My one purchase, a loaf of the most wonderful 
 "Sesame Baguette"
Must have lost 4 pounds by not buying anything.
( Then I ate most of my bread in the car on the way home)

Yummm, Gelato!

I wish I could put a scratch and sniff up,   for you all to smell the bread, as the aroma came out of the kitchen!

The coffee bar had it's regular Saturday patrons.

Next time your in the Tampa Bay area, take a drive to 
St. Petersburg and visit this wonderful Old World Market.  You can sit at the counter, go to the outdoor seating for lunch, or just bring a grocery bag home filled with wonderful delights.

(no, this is not a paid endorsement , I just love the place)

"Have a wonderful week"

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